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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Lauren - Bite The Bullet
Date:Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
Time:2:00PM - 4:00PM
Start Artist Track Album Label New
2:16pm Ernest Gonzalez I'm Here You're There Been Meaning to Tell You FoF Music LLC N
2:17pm Buckminster Fuzeboard How You Bin How to make C60BR24 in under an hour n/a
2:18pm I am Spoonbender stopwatch static sender/receiver bottlenekk
2:21pm Nathan Halverson Nurse/Shark pt. 2 Nurse/Shark peapod records
2:32pm The Little Killers She Don't Love Me A Real Good One n/a
2:34pm J Church Mariachi Bands This Song is for Kathi n/a
2:34pm Manikin Stand Still Still Super Secret Records
2:35pm The Ex Introduction Live~Skive Eh Records
2:48pm Ex-Atari Kid wiggle rock pt.II n/a
2:57pm Gilroy I Only Want What She's Got Get Grubby With Gilroy bi-joopiter
2:57pm Executioners what if 1493 Steps To My House emptry records
2:57pm Gerty Farish Minute Vacations Deadly Attackers menlo park recordings0
2:57pm The Lisps The Familiar Drunk Country Doctor Museum n/a
3:24pm Bratmobile Shut Your Face Girls Get Busy Lookout! Records
3:25pm God Is My Co-Pilot I'm Going To steal Yr Girlfriend An Appel To Reason runt
3:27pm Chew heart This Lovely Law messy snarls Intimidation
3:27pm The Brood Talkin' Bout You Hitsville Dionysus Records
3:28pm The Whyte Boots Nightmare n/a n/a
3:28pm Lefty Lucy You Could Be Dead Tomorrow gauche skinnie girl records
3:30pm The Girls Chico's Girl n/a n/a
3:34pm Frumpies She's a Real Cutie Pie Babies and Bunnies Kill Rock Stars
3:39pm The Lines Instincticide Flood Bank Acute Records
3:40pm Breaker! Breaker! I Said What You Said Where all the birds yell Velocirecords
3:48pm Les Savy Fav yawn, yawn, yawn tiger style records
3:49pm The Building Press if you think I can't get to you... YOU'RE WRONG Young Money 54degrees40' or fight
3:50pm The Fatal Flyin' Guilloteens Break It Down Danger West Peek-a-Boo Records
3:54pm Fifi and the Mach III Too Fast To Live, Too Young to Die New Race Wrench Records
3:57pm My Favorite. detectives of suburbia the informers & us absolute beginners
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