WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, April 21st, 2011
Time:6:30PM - 9:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:44pm Japanther Surfin Coffin Rock 'N' Roll Ice Cream
6:44pm The Walkmen The Rat Bows & Arrows
6:44pm The Cynics Haunted Learn to Lose
6:48pm The Cucumbers Love Who Betrays Me...and Other Happier Songs
6:53pm Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton The Rainbow Division Bloody War Songs 1924 - 1939
6:54pm The Heatcoatees You Ruined My Night's Rest Boutik Haze
7:01pm Delicate Steve Sugar Splash and more (played behind talking) Wondervisions
7:02pm Ellison Strawberry Rain Forge Your Chains
7:08pm Blue Cheer The Hunter OutsideInside
7:14pm Yahowa 13 Ho Penetration - An Aquarian Symphony
7:21pm Heater Fire Peacock God and Hair
7:22pm Micahel Yonkers & Plastic Crimewave Sound (I am) Lonely Fog Bleed Out
7:32pm Alternative TV Why Don't You Do Me Right The Image has Cracked
7:34pm The Crack Pipes Cinnamon Roll Snakes in My Veins
7:36pm The Modern Lovers Astral Plane The Original Modern Lovers
7:39pm Rabble Rabble $300 Dollar Hoodie Bangover
7:45pm Helium Honeycomb The Dirt of Luck
7:47pm Count Five They're Gonna Get You Psychotic Reaciton
7:55pm Mood of Defiance Divided States of America Now
7:58pm Wilson Christian Little Deuce Coupe Hey Little Cobra and Other Hot Rod Hits
8:03pm The Makers Hard Times Hunger
8:05pm Shugo Tokumaru Light Chair Night Piece
8:09pm Shugo Tokumaru The Mop Night Piece
8:09pm Shugo Tokumaru Typewriter Night Piece
8:18pm Shugo Tokumaru Paparazzi Night Piece
8:18pm Shugo Tokumaru Mizukagami L.S.T.
8:18pm Shugo Tokumaru Karte L.S.T.
8:25pm Shugo Tokumaru Vista L.S.T.
8:30pm Shugo Tokumaru Amayadori L.S.T.
8:30pm Shugo Tokumaru Parachute EXIT
8:46pm Shugo Tokumaru Green Rain EXIT
8:46pm Shugo Tokumaru D.P.O. EXIT
8:46pm Shugo Tokumaru Button EXIT
8:47pm Shugo Tokumaru Wedding EXIT
8:50pm Shugo Tokumaru Tracking Elevator Port Entropy
8:59pm Shugo Tokumaru Lahaha Port Entropy
8:59pm Shugo Tokumaru Rum Hee Port Entropy
9:00pm Shugo Tokumaru River Low Port Entropy
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