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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Lauren - Bite The Bullet
Date:Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
Time:2:00PM - 4:00PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:23pm Burnt Hills to your head
2:24pm Carlos Giffoni The Endless Mirror Adult Life
2:25pm The Vexers Something Dirty Ace Fu Records
2:32pm echoboy 55 volume one Mute Records
2:33pm Versus Lose That Dress Secret Swingers Caroline Records
2:52pm The Features Walk You Home the beginning Universal [whomp]
2:53pm Flashing Red Airplane It's A Long Way Down When You Know Your Way My Life As A Frog matchpale records
2:53pm Bratmobile In Love With All My Lovers Ladies, Women and Girls Lookout Records
2:54pm Space Ballerinas Ballerina Fell If Goth Was Pink Yoyo Records
2:55pm The Butchies It's Over population 1973 Mr. Lady Records
3:01pm Duchess Says Rabies (baby's Got The) Sommaire alien8 Records
3:03pm Ed's Redeeming Qualities Another Song in Celebration of Chickens Big Grapefruit Cleanup Job Slow River Records
3:03pm Evangelista Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space Hello, Voyager Contellation
3:09pm spdfgh Nowhere To Hide grassroots half cow
3:20pm The Fakes Fake Country Song Real Fiction Chainsaw Records
3:21pm Flat Duo Jets Love Me In Stereo Sky Records
3:22pm The Du-Tells Everyone Says I Love You No Knowledge of Music Required Shimmy Disc
3:22pm The Go Growd Up Wrong Capricorn Lizard King Records
3:26pm Capitol Years Jet Black Jewelry Store Full Frame
3:30pm The Fall-Outs The Jealous Kind Super Electro Sound Records
3:38pm Soledad Brothers Stand Up Live at the Gold Dollar Dim Mak
3:39pm Tractor Hips cut and paste friction media
3:40pm Gizmos Lady Across The Street Rock & roll Don't Come From New York Gulcher Records
3:47pm Velcro Lewis Group Fall To Peices White Magic Summer
3:48pm Sue Garner Dear Darling to run more smoothly Thrill Jackey Records
3:50pm Rocky Votolato One More Work Song Blues A Brief History Your Best Guess
3:53pm Shannon Wright foul perishable goods
4:04pm Tracy Spuehler Where Do We Go? six three one hear diagonally
4:05pm Spokane
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