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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Show:Fast 'N' Loud
Date:Sunday, December 19th, 2010
Time:12:00AM - 2:00AM
Start Artist Track
12:03am The Cast of "Control" Transmission
12:15am The Rabble The Battle
12:15am 88 Fingers Louie Past Mistakes (live)
12:15am 7Seconds Out of Touch (live)
12:16am The Jam A-Bomb In Wardour Street
12:22am Defiance, OH The White Shore
12:22am The Buzzcocks Boredom (live)
12:22am Billy Bragg Bush War Blues
12:57am OFF! Poison City
12:57am Dag Nasty Million Days
12:57am Riot-A-Go-Go Politics Is Like Fucking a Cat In the Ass
12:57am Sick Of It All Hello Pricks
12:57am Wank Crime Pays
12:58am AC4 Pigs Lose
12:58am Iron Prostate Gilligan
12:58am Tribe 8 Republican Lullaby
12:58am No Brain I'm Against It
1:02am Not Rebecca Almond Eyes
1:02am Pretty Girls Make Graves This Is Our Emergency
1:02am Youth Brigade What Will the Revolution Change
1:39am MegaSuperUltra Silly Waste of Time
1:39am Armalite New Wave
1:40am Paint It Black Bliss
1:40am Kid Dynamite Cop Out
1:42am Lifetime Bringin' It Backwards
1:42am Red Invasion A Year Ago Tonight
1:42am The Descendents I'm the One (live)
1:42am No Enemy Actual Pain
1:42am The Yuppie Pricks Coke Party
1:43am The Needle Pimps She's 14
1:44am Alkaline Trio Snake Oil Tanker
1:44am The Vandals My Girlfriend's Dead
1:44am Rites of Spring Remainder
1:44am Apocalypse Hoboken Smoker's Cough
1:54am The World/Inferno Friendship Society The Velocity of Love
2:01am Los Crudos Asesinos
2:01am Friction Hybrid Moments
2:01am Beastie Boys Time for Livin'
2:01am The Satanic Surfers Blissfully Ignorant
2:01am Deminer How They Make Dolls In Southern CA
2:02am Against All Authority Nothing to Prove
2:02am Samiam As We're Told
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