WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:James, Roshan, and Vanessa
Date:Monday, November 29th, 2010
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
4:04pm Ric Menck Perfect Day The Ballad Of Ric Menck Stereophonic
4:07pm Badly Drawn Boy The Shining The Hour of Bewilderbeast Twisted Nerve
4:11pm Swell Maps Full Moon in My Pocket Sweep the Desert Alive/Total Energy Records
4:14pm Maps and Atlases The Ongoing Horrible Trees, Swallows, Houses Sargent House
4:20pm The Battle of Land and Sea Saltwater Queen The Battle of Land and Sea
4:22pm David Francey broken glass Skating Rink
4:24pm Johnson's Big Band so called friends (love taps &) Soft Punches rickety records
4:32pm Harpswell Sound Diverted skylight skycap records
4:33pm The Ken Ardley Playboys Shoes Off Weve Got Ken Lucky Garage Records
4:39pm Brass Bed intro to tony midnight matinee
4:42pm Architecture in Helsinki Heart It Races Heart It Races poly vinyl records
4:44pm The Winks Wildlife in the Desert Twilights
4:50pm The Papercuts Future Primitive You Can Have What You Want
4:52pm The Oculist Hold On Principles suribral recordings
4:56pm Rock *A* Teens Carla Anne Baby, A Little Rain Must Fall Merge Records
5:00pm Mega City Four Scared of Cats Sebastopol Rd Big Life Records
5:21pm The Russian Futurists Let's Get Ready To Crumble Let's Get Ready To Crumble
5:23pm Small Sails Earthbound With Parents Similar Anniversaries
5:31pm The Bitter Tears slay the heart of the earth "jam tarts in the jakehouse" carrot top records
5:35pm Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez Mostly A Friend Why is Bear Billowing?
5:36pm hugh hopper crumble hopper tunity box cuneiform
5:41pm Sounds of Liberation Billie One Sounds of Liberation Porter Records
5:45pm Nightmares On Wax Keep On (85' Init Mix) Nightmares On Wax EP Matador Records
5:51pm Panther Puertio Rican Jukebox 14kt God
5:52pm Ghost Aramaic Barbarous Dawn Hypnotic Underworld
5:55pm Urlich Schnauss Stars (Edit) Stars
5:58pm hooker ok sweater hooker ok sweet pea
6:05pm hope in ghost something is going to land any minute actually records
6:07pm Patti Smith Group Pumping (My Heart) Radio Ethiopia Arista Records
6:13pm impossible shapes good to lie
6:16pm jana hunter christmas black unstarring heirs of doom gnomonsong
6:17pm The Subjects Lonely You The Subjects
6:19pm OOIOO moss trumpeter Gold & Greeen
6:23pm Fool's Gold The World Is All There Is Fool's Gold Iam Sound Records
6:29pm Dosh Everybody Cheer Up Song The Lost Take Anticon Records
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