WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Rock Show
Date:Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Time:6:30PM - 9:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:37pm The Folk Implosion Pole Position Dare to be Surprised
6:39pm The Skunks Do the Duck We're Gonna Change the World! The 60s Chicago Garage Sound of Quill Productions
6:44pm Son Palenque Tungalala (El Sapo) Palenque Palenque: Chta Crioampella & Afro Roots in Colombia
6:44pm Suicide Harlem II Alive
6:49pm Ella Jenkins Miss Mary Mack Little Johnny Brown and Other Songs with Girls and Boys from Uptown Chicago
6:52pm Robedoor Tremor Deliverance Robedoor / Yellow Swans split EP
6:58pm Koes Mengapa Hari Telah Gelap Bersaudara
7:00pm The Rockin' Ace Light A Fire With Desire Hello Rock 'N' Roll
7:04pm Flying Saucer Attack Rainstorm Blues Further
7:08pm The Patchy Skies Markings Patchy Skies EP
7:09pm CAN Future Days Future Days
7:18pm Bruce Haack School For Robots Hush Little Robot
7:23pm The Bran Flakes The Magical Fairy Princess I Don't Have a Friend
7:31pm Makigama Koichi Sea to River Electric Eel
7:32pm Howling Hex Now, We're Gonna Sing All Night Fox
7:33pm Sweet Trip Palomar, Your Shadow is the Yellow Sun Alura - EP
7:41pm Locks Tempermentalista Bad Words
7:48pm Cryan Shames Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones Synthesis
7:52pm The Solar Saturday Two Minds The Solar Saturday
7:55pm Mucca Puzza Rumanian Dance No. 1 Plays Well Together
7:57pm Pit Er Pat Seasick (Hang Ten) Pyramids
8:00pm Danger Adventure Le Peep Danger Adventure
8:03pm The Books The Lemon of Pink Pts 1 & 2 The Lemon of Pink
8:08pm The Books 8 Frame Playall
8:14pm The Books Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again Thought for Food
8:18pm The Books A Cold Freezin' Night The Way Out
8:21pm The Books An Animated Description of Mr. Maps Lost and Safe
8:27pm The Books Motherless B-word Thought for Food
8:31pm The Books That Right Ain't Shoot The Lemon of Pink
8:34pm The Books An Owl With Knees Lost and Safe
8:38pm The Books Twelve Fold Chain Lost and Safe
8:44pm The Books IDKT / I Didn't Know That The Way Out
8:49pm The Books Tokyo The Lemon of Pink
8:53pm The Books None But Shining Hours Lost and Safe
8:54pm The Books It Never Changes To Stop Lost and Safe
8:58pm The Books Classy Penguin Playall
9:04pm Raymond Scott The Music Box Soothing Sounds for Baby Volume 1
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