WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Roshan, James, Vanessa
Date:Monday, November 15th, 2010
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
4:05pm Collages Dream(s)pool Night Forages EP
4:09pm Brazilian Girls Me Gusta Cuando Callas Brazilian Girls
4:14pm Califone The Orchids Roots & Crowns Thrill Jockey
4:17pm Secret Mommy Soccer Field Very Rec ache022
4:20pm Zoe Boekbinder Paralyzing Artichoke Perfume
4:23pm Slowblow Hillbilly NoiAlbinoi Kitchen Motors
4:27pm kudu hot lava death of the party nublu records
4:34pm klaxons remixed by crystal castles atlantis xan valleys ep modular records
4:39pm California Wives Blood Red Affair` Affair
4:43pm Psapp I want that the camel's back Domino Recording Inc
4:51pm kiss me deadly dance 4 misty medley alien8 recordings
4:51pm For Against Shine Echelons Words On Music
4:56pm St. Vincent Jesus Saves, I Spend Marry Me
4:59pm Organ Wolf Super Gold Organ Wolf Super Genius Records
5:21pm junkie x
5:27pm Sharon Van Etten One Day Epic Ba Da Bing
5:31pm Cheer-Accident Await Variations on a Goddamn Old Man Pravoa Records
5:41pm charles atlas remixed by pram strategies for success boxes worsted weight audraglint
5:41pm American Analog Set Fool Around Promise of Love Tiger Style
5:46pm Sunshine Porn Orchid Velvet Sucide Day After Records
5:47pm Faith Kleppinger Runaround asleep in the well Two Sheds Music
5:54pm Klaxons Atlantis to Interzone Xan Valleys Modular Records
5:56pm Battles Atlas Mirrored
6:03pm I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives Television Personalities And Don't The Kids Just Love It
6:05pm TV on the Radio Staring at the Sun Young Liars
6:09pm Camper Van Beethoven Take the Skinheads Bowling Telephone Free Landslide Victory
6:12pm atman rainbow drums personal forest drunken fish records
6:20pm binary marketing show shut up...kathy pattern
6:21pm ariel pinks for kate i wait the doldrums
6:40pm HOwling Hex Pair Back Up Mass With All Night Fox
6:43pm Isotope Golden Section Illusion
6:48pm Half Japanese Drum Straight Hot
7:02pm Silver Jews Slow Education Bright Flight
7:03pm Tussle Here it Comes Kling Klangs
7:10pm Toulouse Know Better City Stretches
7:13pm Heavy Hands Black Heart Smoke Signals
7:13pm Twig wee little metal heads So grows the tree
7:28pm Human Bell Ephaphatha (Be Opened) Human Bell
7:28pm Vague Angels If Is Let's Duke It Out at Kilkenny Katz
7:29pm The Fitness Dance This Call me for Together
7:35pm Versus Astronaut Dead Leaves
7:36pm The For Carnation On the Swing Marshmallow
7:38pm Fursaxa Alone in the Dark Wood Alone in the Dark Wood
7:42pm Floorbirds Planes The s-----ea of Language
7:43pm Fire Engines hungry beat CODEX Teenage PREmonition
7:56pm Nick Drake Harvest Breed Pink Moon
7:56pm Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Lightning Rod Straight to Video
7:57pm Latin Playboys Chinese Suprize Latin Playboys
8:03pm Lifter Puller To Live and Die in Lbi Half Dead and Dynamite
8:05pm LIfter Puller I like the Llights Half Dead and Dynamite
8:13pm lifter puller sherman city Half Dead and Dynamite
8:19pm lifter puller doublestraps lifter puller
8:19pm fter puller bloomington liftter puller
8:20pm lifter puller half dead and dynamite half dead and dynamite
8:23pm lifter puller starwarships lifter puller
8:26pm lifter puller bruce bender lifter puller
8:33pm lifter puller plymouth rock the entertainment and arts
8:33pm lifter puller the candy machien and my girlfriend the entertainment and arts
8:36pm lifter puller lonely in a limousine fiestas + fiascos
8:38pm lifter puller candy's room fiestas + fiascos
8:40pm lifter puller space humping $19.99 fiestas + fiascos
8:43pm lifter puller manpark fiestas + fiascos
8:46pm lifter puller touch my stuff fiestas + fiascos
8:46pm lifter puller lie down on landsdowne
8:55pm lifter puller lifter puller vs. the end of the world
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