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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Ezra and Max - Fish are Jumping
Date:Friday, September 10th, 2010
Time:6:30PM - 10:00AM
Start Artist Track Album Label
6:50pm Pastor TL Barrett and Youth for Christ Choir Like A Ship Good God! Numero
6:51pm Gert Wilden and Orchestra Die dressierte Frau Schulmadchen Crippled
6:55pm Aaron (Chico) Bailey and the Family Affair Band The Point (Part 1) Instrumental Explosion
6:59pm Omar Khorshid Sabirine Guitar El Chark
7:06pm Fool's Gold Surprise Hotel Fool's Gold IAMSound Records
7:15pm Hajime Kaburagi Kirikomi Killing Melody
7:18pm Super Wild Horses Golden Town Fifteen Ho Zaz
7:21pm The Hamburglars Shamrock Shake The Hamburglars
7:23pm Jeremy Jay Airwalker Airwalker
7:27pm A Weather The Feather Test A Weather
7:32pm Sneakers Chick Freaked Out Children into People
7:35pm Sneakers Crap U. C. Children into People
7:36pm Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire Daddy Rolling Stone S/T
7:38pm Sleepovers Secret S/T
7:45pm Baths Apologetic Shoulder Blade Cerulean
7:51pm Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month Winter in a Rented Room Your Wicked Man
7:51pm Cloudland Canyon No One Else Around Fin Eaves
7:56pm Rasputina Holocaust of Giants Sister Kinderhook
8:05pm California Wives Blood Red Youth Affair
8:06pm Ty Segall Love You Horn the Unicorn (Reissue) EIGHT O CLOCK BREAK
8:12pm Ty Segall Can't Talk to You Horn the Unicorn (Reissue)
8:17pm Ty Segall The Drag Horn the Unicorn (Reissue)
8:19pm Ty Segall Thee Jammm Horn the Unicorn (Reissue)
8:21pm Ty Segall I Got Stoned Horn the Unicorn (Reissue)
8:23pm Ty Segall Booksmarts Skin 7"
8:25pm Ty Segall Sweets Half Nonagon Split with Superstitions
8:32pm Ty Segall Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly) S/T
8:32pm Ty Segall The Drag S/T
8:32pm Ty Segall Dating S/T
8:33pm Ty Segall Don't Do It S/T
8:35pm Ty Segall You Should Never Have Opened That Door S/T
8:38pm Ty Segall Where We Go It 7"
8:41pm Ty Segall Son Of Sam It 7"
8:42pm Ty Segall In Your Car Lemons
8:44pm Ty Segall Lovely One Lemons
8:47pm Ty Segall Die Tonite Lemons
8:50pm Ty Segall Girlfriend Melted
8:55pm Ty Segall Sad Fuzz Melted
8:55pm Ty Segall Bees Melted
8:58pm Ty Segall My Sunshine Melted
9:05pm Windir The Blacksmith and the Troll of Lundamyri Arntor SHRED WHITE AND BLUE
9:20pm Sunn 0))) and Boris Akuma No Kuma Altar Southern Lord
9:22pm Tiamat Whatever That Hurts Wildhoney
9:29pm Diabolical Masquerade Side 2 Death's Design
9:55pm Eryn Non Dae Pure Hydra Lernaia
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