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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Show:Fast 'N' Loud
Date:Sunday, July 18th, 2010
Time:12:00AM - 2:00AM
Start Artist Track
12:04am Screeching Weasel This Bud's For me
12:18am Capitol Punishment Two-Party System
12:18am Integrity Diseased Prey Within Casing
12:18am AC4 I Wanna Go
12:18am Roger Miret and the Disasters Loud and Proud
12:18am Flirt Don't Push Me
12:19am Radon Facial Disobedience
12:22am Detonators Denied
12:52am The Amber Squad You Should See What I Do To You In My Dreams
12:53am Nation of Ulysses Look Out! Soul Is Back
12:53am The Ejected Army Song
12:53am Suzy Saxon & the Anglos Boys In Dresses
12:53am Amenity Follow
12:55am The Effigies Strongbox
12:56am Ramones Chainsaw
12:56am Cherry Vanilla The Punk
12:56am Minutemen This Ain't No Picnic
12:56am 7 Seconds 99 Red Balloons
12:58am NIL8 Last Flash of Paisley Pastel
12:58am Murphy's Law Sit At Home and Rot
1:45am Johnny Thunders Gloria (live)
1:45am Ref Soda Bikarbona
1:46am The Rakes Something Clicked And I Fell Off The Edge
1:46am The Circles Circles
1:46am The Undead Eve of Destruction
1:46am Suicide Machines Pre Fab People
1:46am Munition Lie Detector
1:47am Lawrence Arms Them Angels Been Talkin'
1:47am Naked Raygun The Envelope
1:48am Sand In the Face Auschwitz
1:48am Mizutama Shouboudan Shinkuu Pekka Toraberu
1:48am Christ On a Crutch Nation of Sheep
1:48am Fucked Up Baiting the Public
1:49am 13-Day Vacation Tear Down the Wall
1:49am Fight Like Apes Do You Karate?
1:49am Genocide Stillborn
1:50am Talking Heads Don't Worry About the Government
1:50am Adolescents She Comes Down
2:05am Space Christ Sherlock
2:05am Apocalypse Techno-Doom
2:05am The Killing Tree Pillow Talk
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