WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Caleb and Sean
Date:Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
Time:6:30PM - 9:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:31pm The Arts of Life Band Birds, Birds, Birds (self-titled)
6:36pm Pavel Sysoyev & Victor Chizhova Kak Vas Zovut Secret Stash: Soviet Funk
6:41pm Snoopy's Christmas The Christmas Tree ???
6:43pm Kouki Bouryoku Ryuuketsu No Shima M-4 Hajime Kaburagi Killing Melody: Instrumental Music From Japanese Pinky Violence Movies
6:51pm Circle Alotus Raunio
6:55pm Centro-Matic The Blisters May Come All The Falsest Hearts Can Try
7:03pm Larry Harmon/Bastard Noise Silent Night/Poison Cleaner Bozo's Christmas Sing Along/Rrrevenge
7:04pm Franco Battiato Campane Juke Box
7:05pm The Battle of Land and Sea Saltwater Queen The Battle of Land and Sea
7:16pm Black-Eyed Snakes Chicken-Bone George It's the:
7:17pm Big Star Thank You Friends Sister Lovers
7:19pm Birdie Laugh Some Dusty
7:22pm Walt Disney Pictures/Fe-Mail A Spoonful of Sugar/The Vertical Pit of Machines Mary Poppins OST/Blixter Toad
7:33pm Ukes of Space Corners Doggies Flowers In The Night Corleone
7:34pm Bauhaus Too Much 21st Century Go Away White
7:38pm Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez Narwhal Horn Why Is Bear Billowing?
7:41pm Bert Lahr/Burning Star Core If I Were King of the Forest/Deaf-Mute Spinning Resonator The Wizard of Oz/Blood Lightning 2007
7:53pm AU RR vs. D Versions
7:57pm Citay Careful with that Hat Dream Get Together
7:59pm Walt Disney Pictures/ Aaron Siegal When I See an Elephant Fly/ Every Morning, A History Every Morning, A History
8:03pm Fellini Rock Europeu Underground Post-Punk From Sao Paulo, Brazil
8:10pm King Khan and BBQ Show I'll Never Belong The King Khan and BBQ Show
8:12pm The Rapids Seven Little Numbers v/a A History of Garage and Frat Bands in Memphis: 1960-75
8:15pm Dave and the Wanderers My Heart Is In Pain v/a Train to Nowhere! Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates
8:17pm Mary Martin/Hair Police The Sound of Music/Paralysis Simulacrum The Sound of Music/Certainty To Swarms
8:24pm Tigercity Time Card (self-titled)
8:25pm Timber Track 3 (self-titled)
8:30pm Cobalt Cranes Picture in the Snow In Media Rez
8:31pm Half-Handed Cloud You Got a Horseshoe Thy is a Word and Feet Need Lamps
8:37pm Chll Pll Dick Moves Aggressively Humble
8:39pm Animal Nights in Satan's Service Country Slicker
8:42pm James White & The Blacks Contort Yourself Off White
8:50pm The Feelies Fa Ce La Crazy Rhythms
8:51pm S-Job Movement Love Affair v/a Nigeria Disco Funk Special
8:59pm Ken Thorne/Melt Banana Superman Theme/Surfin' USA Superman II/At Light Velocity
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