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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Battle Static Grungeland
Date:Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
Time:2:00PM - 4:00PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:07pm Jackie and the Cedrics Thunder Strutck Thunder Struck
2:10pm The Soft Boys Kingdom of Love Underwater Moonlight
2:13pm Insect Surfers Spin S/T 7" Wasp
2:13pm Human Torch Mongoloid The Truckdrivers Delite
2:19pm The Sonics Psycho Featuring the Witch and Psycho
2:21pm Thee Headcoats I'm a Headcoate Baby The Earls of Suavedom
2:26pm Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Track 4 Rumble
2:27pm Monsterland B-Side Peanut Butter Karma 7"
2:31pm The Inhalants Alright Hit It! Alright Hit It!
2:33pm Atomic 7 Theme From Atomic 7 ...Gowns by Edith Head
2:34pm Bassholes John Henry Archive Series Volume 2
2:39pm Gibson Bros. Cat Drug In Mean Mistreater
2:48pm The Hoodoo Gurus Like Wow-Wipeout Like Wow-Wipeout
2:48pm Mutant Monster Beach Party Motorbikin' Shake! Tokyo Trashville!
2:51pm Tijuana Hercules Lucky Charm When the Moon Comes Up Wild
2:55pm The Shakers Do Not Disturb Break it All
3:00pm The Hotcorn Girls Twit S/T 7"
3:04pm The Headless Horsemen Can't Help but Shake Can't Help but Shake
3:05pm The Ampersands Postcards Postcards 7"
3:09pm The Gossip Bones That's not What I heard
3:12pm The Friggs Friggs Theme Bad Word for a Good Thing
3:17pm The Cucumbers Snap Out of It Fresh
3:20pm The Rock a Teens Return as a Bird Self Titled
3:20pm The Rub Blue Shades Bikini Gospel
3:22pm The Saints (I'm Stranded) I'm Stranded
3:32pm Serious Drinking Funny You Should Say That... They May be Drinkers, but They're Also Human Beings
3:33pm The Peppermints Yellow Rain Jesus Chryst
3:42pm High Rise Flam Desperado
3:42pm Hot Damn I Just Want to be Naked S/T 7"
3:42pm Shadows of Knight Let it Rock Gloria
3:44pm Hot Monkey Shark S/T 7"
3:51pm Big Flame The Illness Rigour 1983-1986
3:53pm The Intelligence Test S/T 7"
3:57pm Hammerhead Load King Load King 7"
4:02pm Sympethizer Cock and Swan Unrecognize
4:03pm Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn Mono Hymn To the Immortal Wind
4:03pm Peanuts Tindersticks Falling Down a Mountain
4:18pm My Date with Rachel Sweet Six Cents & Natalie The Storm of the Century: A Sudden Shame Records Compilation
4:19pm Kurt Vonnegut Born Ruffians Red Yellow & Blue
4:21pm Green Rain Shugo Tokumaru Exit
4:39pm Don't Make a Sound Azure Ray Azure Ray
4:42pm A Family Photo Taken at an Aquarium Candy Bars On Cutting Tigers in Half and Understanding Narravation
4:43pm We Could Send Letters Mystic Chords of Memory Rough Trade 25
4:47pm Don't Ask Grizzy Bear Horn of Plenty
4:48pm Split Pea Rollerball Two Feathers Wallace Records
4:50pm The Night The Night Chet Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home Absolutely Kosher Records
4:55am The Ghosts That Wake You Follow That Bird! Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010 Matador Records
5:22pm Dial: Revenge Mogwai Rock Action
5:24pm Nightly Cares Mum Summer Make Good
5:31pm I'll Be on the Water Akron/Family Akron/Family
5:33pm Slabulas Savath + Savalas Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey
5:44pm Only A Word Angela Correa Red Room Songs another room music
5:47pm Somewhere Else Dances With Wolves South East
6:05pm Media Man (A) Move to Silent Unrest Chicago Afrobeat Project
6:05pm Newcastle Lullaby Rachel Unthank & The Winterset The Bairns Rabble Rouser
6:07pm The Postman [Styrofoam Mix] American Analog Set Updates
6:16pm We Don't Mind A Tiger Called Lovesick Notenuf Compilation
6:21pm Lost Controls Entirely Wired For Sound
6:22pm Shocked The Snitches Metamorphosis
6:25pm I Will Truck Dirty Projectors The Getty Address
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