WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:03pm Mahjongg The Rrabbit Raydoncong 2005
2:05pm Os Mutantes Ando Meio Desligado Everything is Possible!
2:10pm Rebecca Pearcy Treasures I Find Sea Deep Sky High
2:17pm Ten in the Swear Jar I Love the Valley Inside of the Computer Are All of My Feelings
2:17pm Espers Rosemary Lane The Weed Tree
2:23pm Six Organs of Admittance Shelter From the Ash Shelter From the Ash
2:25pm Sophie Hunger House of Gods Monday's Ghost
2:31pm Julie Doiron Sorry, Pt. 3 Goodnight Nobody
2:32pm The Eternals Silhouette High Anxiety
2:35pm Hauschka Belgrade Room to Expand
2:42pm Son Lux Stand At War with Walls & Mazes
2:44pm Instrumental Quarter Just a Dream No More Secrets
2:47pm Marconi Union Sleepless Distance
2:54pm Casino Versus Japan Come Along, Do Casino Versus Japan
3:00pm Esmerine Why She Swallows Bullets and Stones Aurora
3:04pm Fires Were Shot Subslumber Solace
3:07pm Eden Express Loneliest Person Que Amors Que
3:10pm Silversun Pickups Growing Old is Getting Old Swoon
3:18pm Benoit Pioulard Palimend Precis
3:22pm Worm is Green The Robot Has Got the Blues Automagic
3:27pm A Sunny Day in Glasglow No. 6 Von Karmen Street Scribble Mural Comic Journal
3:29pm Amusement Parks on Fire Venosa Amusement Parks on Fire
3:34pm Slowdive Souvlaki Space Station Souvlaki
3:39pm Airiel Liquid Paper Winks & Kisses
3:44pm Killing Joke Adoration Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
3:48pm LSD and the Search For God I Don't Care LSD and the Search for God
3:53pm Fleeting Joys Close To My World Without Pain Occult Radiance
3:57pm Atlas Sound Shelia Logos
4:01pm Deerhunter Cryptograms Cryptograms
4:08pm The Microphones The Glow, Pt. 2 Glow, Pt. 2
4:11pm Songs: Ohia Tigress The Lioness
4:13pm S 5 Dollers Puking and Crying
4:14pm Logh Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down, Not Speed Up Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings
4:19pm Low Lullaby I Could Live in Hope
4:29pm Hala Strana Streets of Raised Platforms Hala Strana
4:33pm Internal/External The Skin Featuring...
4:38pm Hope in Ghosts Something is Going to Land Here Any Minute All Your Departures
4:44pm Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia.. Indian Ink Blindspot/Invisible Bend
4:47pm The Octopus Project Tuxedo Hat One Ten Hundred Thousand Million
4:53pm Them, Roaringtwenties Cody Hides Microphones at Practice Vagina Monologues
4:59pm Giraffes? Giraffes! When Catholic Girls Go Camping, The Nicotine Vampire Rules Supreme More Skin With Milk-Mouth
5:03pm Antarctic Your Ships Are Googlin' Pretty Hard Final Version
5:05pm Pidgeon Six Minutes in the Sun From Gutter With Love
5:08pm Bells on Trike The Old Adam s/t
5:13pm Jawbox Savory My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents
5:22pm Moss Icon Guatemala
5:23pm North of America Killed in the Ratings Elements of an Incomplete Map
5:25pm Unwound All Souls Day New Plastic Ideas
5:29pm US Maple Obey Your Concert Acre Thrills
5:31pm Cloudland Canyon Mothlight, Pt. 1 Lie in Light
5:36pm Fuck Buttons Sweet Love for Planet Earth Street Horrrsing
5:44pm Boredoms (Heart) Vision Creation Newsun
5:51pm Bright Full Negative Full Negative (or) Breaks
5:58pm American Water Color Movement Pour Les Auditeurs
6:02pm Oceans Your Plane Leaves Tomorrow Nothing Collapses
6:12pm The Burning Paris Coral City Ruin Half-Truths & Indiscretions
6:18pm The Cricket Rumor Mill Frisbee Renderings
6:27pm Idaho Catacus Man Rides Again Lone Gunman
6:27pm Gregor Samsa Untitled 1 Split with Silent Type
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