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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Lauren - Bite The Bullet
Date:Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Time:2:00PM - 4:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:09pm Speck Mountain Fidelity Shake Some Sweet Relief
2:11pm Binary Marketing Show Shut Up... Kathy Pattern
2:23pm Grun-In-Molani Octopus
2:24pm Kissing Book Oh Oh Oh
2:25pm Kletka Red How I Forget
2:33pm The Sharp Ease From The Dodge
2:36pm Those Darlins Hung Up On Me
2:38pm Ben Reynolds all gone wrong blues how day earnt its night
2:46pm Micachu Calculator Jewellery
2:48pm Ric Menck Perfect Day The Ballad of Ric Menck
2:52pm Aquaduct Dinner Mints Pistols At Dawn
2:56pm Finest Dearest Making A Sound 1 Off Sides
3:06pm The Thin Man Don't Look Back Spectres
3:06pm The Children's Hour Kindness Of Strangers SOS JFK
3:10pm Archie Bronson Outfit Dead Funny
3:15pm U.S. Maple i found a place to have my kittens
3:17pm Mellow The Band The Mushroom Song
3:23pm Akiyama-Sugimoto blues for prince myshkin
3:26pm Archer Prewitt Without You wilderness
3:32pm Plastics Hi-Fi Walk The Walk Home Brewed
3:37pm Nothing People I Can't Find A Monkey problems
3:40pm No Doctors Sharkskin Blues
3:44pm Owen Bad News At Home With Owen
3:51pm New Black Seventeen time attack
3:54pm Jumpsuit No Statue
3:57pm Nerves Red Night New Animal
4:00pm Jumpsuit School
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