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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Tomi M
Date:Monday, October 19th, 2009
Time:6:30PM - 10:00AM
Start Artist Track Album
6:32pm The Leaves Too Many People The Leaves 1966
6:33pm Sean & Ian After Work Asleep on The Couch 100,000 Years of Sean & Ian
6:35pm Papa M Mountains Have Ears Hole of Burning Alms
6:38pm Ninetynine Woekeneder 767
6:46pm The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Fly Me to the Moon The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
6:49pm Richard Hell and the Voidoids Blank Generation Spurts: The Richard Hell Story
6:49pm Hella 1-800-Ghost Dance Acoustics
6:57pm Make Believe Another Song About Camping Of Course
6:57pm Throbbing Gristle Zyclon B Zombie The Second Annual Report
7:04pm Glenn Kotche Projections of (What) Might... Mobile
7:04pm The Legendary Pink Dots Blasto/Love in a Plain Brown Envelope Faces in the Fire
7:08pm Arnold Dreyblatt 1 The Orchestra of Excited Strings
7:19pm Rashomon Branded to Kill The Ruin Map: Film Music Volume 1
7:30pm Greengate 70's Book Club Metaphysical Vibration
7:31pm Sunburned Hand of the Man Untitled Track 3 Sunburned Hand of the Man
7:35pm Cannon's Jug Stompers Last Chance Blues Ruckus Juice & Chittlins: The Great Jug Bands
7:36pm Pisces Mary A Lovely Sight
7:44pm The Hombres Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) The Hombres
7:44pm RS Moore I Like to Stay Home Glad Music
7:53pm The Weinberg Method of non-Synthetic Electronic Rock Gumball Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Rock
7:53pm Van Dyke Parks Steelband Music Idiosyncratic Path: the best of VDP
7:56pm The GTOs I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man Permanent Damage
8:04pm Serge Gainsbourg Bonnie and Clyde Les Annees Psychedeliques
8:05pm Serge Gainsbourg Le Poinconneur Des Lilas Du Chant a la une!...
8:06pm Serge Gainsbourg Pavure Lola Love and the Beat
8:06pm Serge Gainsbourg L'alcool Du chant a la une!...
8:08pm Serge Gainsbourg Comic Strip Comic Strip
8:14pm Serge Gainsbourg Ballade De Melody Nelson Love and the Beat
8:17pm Serge Gainsbourg Initials B.B. Comic Strip
8:22pm Serge Gainsbourg Joanna Love and the Beat
8:24pm Serge Gainsbourg Chatterton Comic Strip
8:27pm Serge Gainsbourg Lola Rastaquouere (Dub Style) Love and the Beat
8:30pm Serge Gainsbourg 69 annee erotique Love and the beat
8:35pm Serge Gainsbourg No no thank's no Confidentiel
8:37pm Serge Gainsbourg Danger Les Annees Psychedeliques
8:38pm Serge Gainsbourg Cargo Culte L'histoire de melody nelson
8:52pm Serge Gainsbourg Coco and Co Love and the Beat
8:52pm Serge Gainsbourg Requiem Pour un Twisteur du Jazz Dans Le Ravin
8:57pm Serge Gainsbourg Hold Up Comic Strip
8:57pm Serge Gainsbourg Succettes Comic Strip
9:07pm Big Bill Broonzie Too-Too Train Les Triomphes de Blues - Chicago Blues
9:19pm Al Dexter Pistol Packin' Mama The History of Country and Western Music
9:20pm Bob Miller Fingerprints Upon the Windowpane People Take Warning! (Man vs. Man)
9:21pm Ezra Buzzington's Rustic Revelers Brown Jug Blues Ruckus Juice and Chitlins Vol. 2
9:22pm Django Reinhardt Chicago The Complete Django Reinhardt and Quintet of the Hot Club of France, Wing/HMV Sessions 1936-1948
9:23pm Casey Bill Weldon The Big Boat Les Triomphes de Blues - Vol. 15 - Steel & Slide Guitarists
9:25pm The Carter Family Wildwood Flower The History of Country Western Music
9:26pm Son House Low Down Dirty Dog Blues The Complete Library of Congress Sessions, 1941-1942
9:32pm Walter Davis & Henry Townsend Ashes in My Whisky Les Triomphes de Blues - Vol. 11 - Piano Guitar Duets
9:33pm Tommy Ladmier Really the Blues Les Triomphes de Blues - Vol. 20 - From Blues to Jazz
9:39pm Fats Waller` Ain't Misbehavin' Fats Waller Piano Solos
9:43pm David Pryor Roll 'Im On Down Negro Work Songs and Calls
9:44pm The Rock Island Line Negro Work Songs and Calls
9:46pm Unloading Rails Negro Work Songs and Calls
9:48pm Dixieland Jug Blowers Banjoreno Ruckus Juice and Chitlins
9:53pm Jimmie Rodgers Miss the Mississippi and You The Very Best of Jimmie Rodgers
9:54pm Arlo Guthrie Miss the Mississippi and You Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys
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