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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:DJ Light
Date:Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label New
4:03pm Sun Ra Solar Differentials Secrets of the Sun Atavistic
4:08pm Xela 6 The Dead Sea Type Recocrds
4:16pm Animal Hospital Below the Ocean Animal Hospital Mister Records N
4:22pm Animal Hospital Paralarva Animal Hospital Mister Records N
4:29pm Rosebuds Silence by the Lakeside Night of the Furies Merge
4:33pm Musee Mecanique Under Glass Hold This Ghost Merge N
4:38pm Musee Mecanique Our Changing Skins Hold This Ghost Merge N
4:43pm White Mud Free Way Mercury Last Year's Junk Sunday Aam N
4:45pm White Mud Free Way Painkiller Last Year's Junk Sunday Aam N
4:50pm Vampire Hands Cool Bath Virgin Dust American Freedom From
4:57pm That Ghost When There's No One Else to Sing To You You Sing to Yourself Young Fridays Sunday Aam
5:02pm Wand Lady of Situations Hard Knox Fanatic N
5:03pm Sparkling Adjective Convention Bluewolf Bloodwalk Bluewolf Bloodwalk Unicorn Digital N
5:14pm Sparkling Adjective Convention Nightwater Bluewolf Bloodwalk Unicorn Digital N
5:18pm Fish & Roses Starry Shirt Dear John Feel Good All Over
5:22pm Tanakh Exegesis Dieu Deail Alien 8
5:26pm ViolenceandtheSacredperfection (VioSac) The October Death of Anaximander You Are Planning to Enjoy the Apopcolypse N
5:34pm Joey Sweeney King Size Canary Heartache Baseball Delmore
5:49pm Myles Boisen & Jon Raskin ft George Cresmaschi George Cremashi on bass Music + One: An Improvisation Compendium N
5:49pm Ben Reynolds Skylark (scorner of the ground) How the Day Earnt its Night Tompkins Square N
5:49pm Ben Reynolds How the Day Earnt its Night How the Day Earnt its Night Tompkins Square N
6:28pm Sundays & Cybele Night Thoughts #1 [夜想] shibeerunonichiyoubi Gyuune N
Do you know how to read this properly? Chance Meeting? Chance Love?
6:30pm Sundays & Cybele めぐり逢い shibeerunonichiyoubi Gyuune N
6:34pm The*Rock*A*Teens Down With People The*Rock*A*Teens
6:38pm Thee More Shallows Ave Grave More Deep Cuts
6:39pm The Vegas Beat Gotta Know You Vegas Beat
6:48pm Fire on Fire Haystack The Orchard Young God N
6:49pm Fire on Fire Assanine Race The Orchard Young God N
6:58pm Alaska Halloween 8 Too Tall to Hide
6:59pm Animal Direction Light Trucks
7:07pm Young Marble Giants N.I.T.A. Collasal Youth Domino
7:09pm Geezer Lake Birds King Frost Parade Vision Trust
7:14pm Helios Fourteen Drawings Caesura Type N
7:29pm Bernhard Gunter 2 Japan
7:32pm Hotel Hotel The Shorline Disappeared The Sad Sea
7:35pm Gravenhurst Black Holes in the Sand
7:38pm The Narrator Son of the Son All That To the Wall FlameShovel
7:51pm David Grubbs The Coxcomb The Coxcomb/Avacodo Orange
8:12pm Musee Mecanique Entire Album Hold This Ghost Frog Stand N
8:57pm Sundays & Cybele Night Thoughts #1 Sundays & Cybele Gyuune N
8:57pm Sundays & Cybele If Your sleep Awakes Sundays & Cybele Gyuune
DJ Comments: Shout out to Blyden, awesome extraordinare. Also to Eric I think I should focus on more local next week. What I really like: Animal Hospital, White Mud Free Way, Xela's 6, That Ghost's When..., Ben Reynolds, Sundays & Cybole, A Teens, Thee More, Hotel Hotel, Vegas Beat
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