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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:DJ Light
Date:Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label New
4:08pm Pre P-Model 1 Air on the Wiring
can't read german
4:09pm Schalmmpeitiziger Hallimaschbombs Spacenokkmountainrutschquartier
4:10pm Nobukazu takemura Kepler Scope Thrill [Jockey?]
4:26pm Porest Pasture Pressure Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger Seeland
4:26pm Hauschka (remixed by Vert ) Rocket Man (traffic) Versions of the Prepared Piano
4:35pm Hauschka (remixed by Frank Bretschnider) Stumm Versions of the Prepared Piano
4:35pm Eluvium there wasn't anything Lambent Material temporary residence limited
4:46pm Shugo Tokumaru Green Rain Exit
4:46pm GD Luxxe My Fetish is Called Corruption Between Zero and Ceremony Ersatz Audio
4:57pm Pivot In the Blood O Soundtrack My Heart Warp
4:57pm Burial Archetype
4:57pm Crime Choir Fingers Lightly Bowed Gift Givers Kill Shaman N
5:12pm Soundpool DoWhatYouLove Aloft
5:12pm British Sea Power O Larsen B Open Season Rough Trade
5:17pm Saxon Shore Marked With Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore Fanatic
5:22pm Saxon Shore The Revolution Will Be Steaming Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore Fanatic
5:23pm Elvish Presley [10] Black Elf Speaks
5:24pm The Places Mouth to Mouth The Autopilor Knows You Best Absolutely Kosher
5:42pm Fire on Fire Assanine Race The Orchard Young God N
5:42pm Fire on Fire Haystack The Orchard Young God N
5:56pm The Poets of Rhythm Eulogize the Source Discern/Define Quannum
5:56pm Schnauss Vlrich Stars (edit) Stars Ep Domino
5:59pm Schnauss Vlrich Look at the sky Stars Ep Domino
6:06pm For Against Nightmare Life Aperture Dutch East India
6:10pm Hayden Bad As They Seem Everything I long for Hardware Records
Recorded on WNUR Airplay Dec 7, 2008
6:14pm Maps & Atlases Shock, Rock and Awe Vol 3
Recorded at WNUR Feb 17, 2008
6:22pm Shooting Spires Shock, Rock and Awe Vol 3
6:25pm Epoxies Everything Looks Better on Video Stop the Future Fat Wreck
6:25pm Pre P-Model 3 Air on the Wiring
6:28pm Cater Scholz Rhythmicon 8 pieces frog peak
DJ Comments: Really good albums today, no? Alb Keepers (mostly electronics) - Pre-P*, Scha, Nobu, Prest, Haus*, GD, Toku*, Pivot, Soundpool, Saxon (Explosions in the Sky-esque), Fire on Fire* (banjo), Poets of Rhythm* (hip-hop), Schnauss Vlrich*, For Against Song Keepers: 10, Mouth to Mouth, Everything Looks Better on video* (green day meets placebo = AWESOME) Porest's stuff is funky
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