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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Doug Kaplan
Date:Monday, July 27th, 2009
Time:6:30PM - 10:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:31pm The Arrows We Have Love Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label
6:39pm Dosh Live At Airplay Shock Rock and Awe Vol, 3
6:39pm Le Loup Live At Airplay Shock Rock and Awe Vol, 3
6:44pm ESG You Make No Sense New York Noise
6:53pm Vetiver Without A Song Vetiver
6:53pm Joan of Arc Kissinger's Lament The Intelligent Design of Joan of ARc
6:55pm The Stranglers Golden Brown La Folie
7:02pm Ofege Ghe Bi Mo Try and Love
7:02pm Xhol Caravan Electric Fun Fair Electrip
7:10pm These Trails Psyche I & Share Your Water These Trails
7:24pm The Count Five Psychotic Reaction Nuggets
7:24pm Krisma Cathode Mamma Shado Electro
7:27pm Valvo Teenage Power Shado Electro
7:33pm Monks Oh how To Do Now Monks Demo Tapes
7:34pm The Carmelite Nun of Lucon A Living Life Spirit of the Zither
7:41pm United States of America Cloud Song S/T
7:41pm Modest Mouse Dukes Up Sad Sappy Sucker
7:47pm Shira Small Eternal Life Ladies From The Canyon
7:48pm Van Dyke Parks The Attic Song Cycle
7:59pm Loop Be Here Now A Gilded Eternity
8:05pm The Modern Lovers Road Runner The Original Modern Lovers
8:11pm The Modern Lovers She Cracked The Original Modern Lovers
8:11pm The Modern Lovers The Modern World The Modern Lovers
8:12pm The Modern Lovers Old and Dignified The Modern Lovers
8:21pm The Modern Lovers Astral Plain The Original Modern Lovers
8:22pm The Modern Lovers Walk Up The Street The Original Modern Lovers
8:22pm Jonathan Richman Tandem Jump I Jonathan
8:29pm Jonathan Richman You Can't Talk To The Dude I Jonathan
8:29pm Jonathan Richman Velvet Underground I Jonathan
8:30pm The Modern Lovers I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms The Original Modern Lovers
8:33pm The Modern Lovers Don't Let Your Youth Go To Waste The Original Modern Lovers
8:37pm The Modern Lovers Girlfriend The Original Modern Lovers
8:43pm Jonathan Richman When She Kisses Me Having A Party With
8:44pm Jonathan Richman They're Not Trying On The Dance Floor Having A Party With
8:49pm Jonathan Richman I'm Just Beginning To Live Rockin and Romance
8:50pm Jonathan Richman The Fenway Rockin and Romance
8:58pm The Modern Lovers Someone I Care About The Modern Lovers
8:58pm The Modern Lovers I'm Straight The Modern Lovers
9:02pm Blitzen Trapper Wild Mountain Jam Wild Mountain Nation
9:04pm Ernest Stoneman & Mike Seeger I'm Alone, All Alone Masters of Old time Country Autoharp
9:04pm Shorty Goodwin Jimbo Jambo Land Good For What Ails You
9:04pm Nelstone's Hawaiians Fatal Flower Garden Anthology of American Folk
9:13pm Golden Gate Quartet Beside of a Neighbor Travelin Shoes
9:14pm Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley Papa's Bout to get Mad Good for What Ails You
9:23pm Kilby Snow Precious Jewel Masters of Old-Time Country Autoharp
9:24pm Uncle Dave Macon The Bible's True Goodbye Babylon
9:28pm Three Tobacco Tags Reno Blues
9:29pm Papa Charlie Jackson Scoodle Um Skoo
9:30pm Carslisle Brothers Jesus My All
9:36pm Bessie Jones Sometimes
9:37pm Moby Honey Play
9:37pm Nugrape Twins I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape American Primitive II
9:38pm Fa-So-La Singers Happy On the Way Religion Is a Fortune Sacred Harp Singing
9:40pm Ben Scott and Myrtle Washington Arkansas Traveler WPA CA Folk Music Project
9:46pm Henry Duncan McGinty She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain Voices From the Dust Bowl
9:52pm Orchestre Tinapa Stanleyville Putula African Acoustic Sounds Eastern and Southern
9:53pm Blues Birdhead Mean Low Blues American Primitive II
9:54pm Hobart Smith Hangman, Swing Your Rope The Alan Lomax Collection
9:58pm Ace Johnson Influenza Southern Mosaic
DJ Comments: So dank
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