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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, July 20th, 2009
Time:11:30PM - 1:00AM
Start Artist Track Album Label
11:49pm eight miles high reflexed katalog klang elektronik
11:49pm lazyfish + alexandroid survive on mars OS k2O
11:53pm betrieb untitled behind the dancefloor out to lunch
11:57pm deadbeat gamma revolver
11:58pm aphex twin tha selected ambient works 85-92 r&s
12:07am clubsessel sekundensklave clubsessel k2O
12:11am mlz dark days dark days modern love
12:12am paul brtschitsch rotate 1976 hook up leena
12:15am max mohr spellbound trickmixer's revenge playhouse
12:23am eight miles high ride'em katalog klang elektronik
12:23am thomas brinkmann work lucky hands max ernt
12:34am peter f. spiess ein nackter mensch crystal polymorphs klang elektronik
12:39am da halz untitled behind the dancefloor out to lunch
12:39am arne mitchel omni halbzeit lan
12:40am j. hunsberger kneecap kneecap revolver
12:43am peter f. spiess sleazy jazz crystal polymorphs klang elektronik
12:57am process estero elektronische musik aus buenos aires remixes traum
12:57am andreas mugge kanal 7 metro ep punkt musik
12:58am deepchord Electromagnetic Dowsing (The Final Step) remix by mike huckaby synth
1:08am mlz m-brane dark days modern love
1:08am portable dense city cycling background
1:14am move d untitled behind the dancefloor out to lunch
1:22am aphex twin delphium selected ambient works 85-92 r&s
1:25am peter f. spiess kinderspiele im glascontainer crystal polymorphs klang elektronik
1:26am even tuell untitles behind the dancefloor out to lunch
1:38am erene breitbarth sloth solar treibstoff
1:42am andy vaz soundvariation dave miller remix remixes soundvariation
1:48am clubsessel sprinklerzentrale clubsessel k2o
1:48am eight miles high flowchart katalog klang elektronik
1:49am lazyfish + alexandroid woyow OS k2O
1:55am portable commuter cycling background
2:05am antiguo automata mexicano order microhate background
2:05am gys glo subset_echo zero g
2:06am process floe elektronische musik aus buenos aires remixes traum
2:09am antiguo automata mexicano fluvial microhate background
2:16am lazyfish + alexandroid open space OS k2O
2:19am thomas brinkmann margins lucky hands max ernst
2:19am antiguo automata mexicano microhate microhate background
2:24am the ventriloquist amb3 amb persistencebit
2:29am aphex twin we are the music makers selected ambient works 85-92 r&s
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