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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Friday, June 19th, 2009
Time:9:00PM - 2:30AM
Start Artist Track Album Label
9:00pm Kettel Times Of Running Eyes Closing Aurora 2 Merck
9:15pm Chosen Brothers & Bullwackie's All Stars Mango Walk (Dubwise Version) Mango Rhythm & Sound
9:20pm Benjamin Brunn Approaching India Enjoy The Silence Vol. 1 Mule Electronic
9:30pm Vladislav Delay [c2] Anima Mille Plateaux
9:45pm Thomas Fehlmann Scheiben Enjoy The Silence Vol. 1 Mule Electronic
9:51pm Panash Unicorn Cheval Atavism
10:00pm Quantec Unusual Signals / Reversion Unusual Signals Echocord
10:05pm Luke Hess Self Control Light In The Dark Echocord
10:10pm Terrence Dixon [b1] Minimalism II Background
10:20pm Planetary Assault Systems Temporary Suspension Temporary Suspension Ostgut Ton
10:25pm Fumiya Tanaka For Set #1 Floor.People.Tension Torema
10:30pm STL Silent State Silent State Smallville
10:35pm From Karaoke To Stardom -20 2 Net28
10:40pm Planetary Assault Systems Hold It Temporary Suspension Ostgut Ton
10:43pm Common Factor Get Down #3 That Was Then Playhouse
10:48pm Jamie Lloyd May I? (Quarion Remix)
10:50pm Norm Talley The Journey The Journey Third Ear
10:55pm Damian Schwartz 20 2 Net28
11:00pm Dirt Crew Deep Cover Blow Mood Music
11:10pm Wax10001 [white]
11:15pm Move D Like I Was King (Black Label Mix) Silk & Shmoove EP Compost Black Label
11:37pm Convextion ebulience niche
11:38pm Planetary Assault Systems Starway Ritual Archives Peacefrog
11:39pm Planetary Assault Systems Forms Plantary Funk (Vol 3) Peacefrog
11:40pm Cornershop Detroit Grand Pubahs Mix LLF RITRI
11:42pm Planetary Assault Systems Starway Ritual Plantary Funk (Vol 3) Peacefrog
11:42pm Cornershop Midfield General Instrumental LLF RITRI
11:43pm Noriko Tujiko Tokyo Shojo Toshi Mego Editions
11:50pm Porn Sword Tobacco I love riding my bicycle Everything Is Music To The Ear City Centre Offices
11:51pm Antonelli Electr. Digital As We Are Love And Other Solutions Italic
11:55pm Antonelli Electr. Tex Love And Other Solutions Italic
12:00am Terrence Dixon [a2] Minimalism II Background
12:05am Mark Verbos Frozen In Time Frozen In Time LTD400
12:10am Let's Go Outside (I Can't Get) Out Of My Mind
12:15am Detroit Grand Pubahs Blind Date w/Dr Bootygrabber Blind Date w/Dr Bootygrabber Logistic
12:20am Holger Zilske Lichterfelde Holz Playhouse
12:25am Move D & Benjamin Brunn New Horizon New Horizon Smallville
12:30am Lawrence Sunrise Enjoy The Silence Vol. 1 Mule Electronic
12:38am James Cotton Lojak Part One Buck EP Spectral Sound
12:41am Lokua Ant Hill
12:43am Groupshow The Future Looks Bright... Super Bright The Martyrdom ~scape
12:45am Losoul [1] Care Playhouse
12:50am Jichael Mackson Piepe Baff Hartchef Discos
12:57am Michael Serafini... live mix
DJ Comments: thanks to nate, liz, inhashi, for listening in, thanks to jake for the call (shout out to judy).
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