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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Time:11:30PM - 2:30AM
Start Artist Track Album Label
12:05am andy vaz soundvariation (smyglyssna remix) soundvariation remixes soundvariation
12:09am lusine auto pilot serial hodgepodge ghostly int
12:13am antiguo autómata mexicano detector microhate background
12:14am shapes and forms speric shapes and forms k2o
12:14am antiguo autómata mexicano banquet microhate background
12:15am will saul tic toc tic toc simple
12:16am douglas greed oktober17 girlfriend in a coma freude am tanzen
12:16am portable dense city cycling background
12:17am digitaline anticlockwise anticlockwise cadenza
12:20am douglas greed trixie girlfriend in a coma freude am tanzen
12:21am undo remember (lazy fat people's forget dub) despacio factorcity
12:26am matisa kaden qu'est ce que c'est? mod.coop.four milnorn modern
12:35am c.f. noel noisette (avec l. black A la guitare) le nid d'oiseau moto
12:36am t-polar fractal fennet splatter-haus karloff
12:41am claro intelecto when the time is right modern love
12:48am dub taylor fig 2 raum...musik
12:53am losoul taste not waste belong playhouse
12:57am hisashi ito clouds (steve bug rmx) raum...musik
12:58am magenta for disco only - untitled for disco only
1:04am loco dice el gallo negro ovum
1:11am scsi 9 deep & fax digital russian force tracks
1:21am stewart walker mylar thought balloons concentricity persona
1:21am ricardo villalobos hireklon the au harem d'archimede perlon
1:34am bodycode gene patch the conversation of electric charge spectral sound
1:35am claro intelecto round and round modern love
1:43am andy vaz see you repetitive moments last forever vazbit
1:46am petter dica drive six songs border community
1:53am mathias schaffhauser take me to your heart love & business ware
1:59am the chemical brothers got glint? surrender astralwerks
2:00am sasse do robots have soul? made within the upper stairs of heaven mood music
2:04am will saul speak and spell tic toc simple
2:05am petter modern eternity six songs border community
2:26am remote palestine child smallfish
2:27am antiguo autómata mexicano fluval microhate background
2:27am portable accomplice cycling background
2:32am scsi 9 lovers providers digital russian force tracks
2:35am stewart walker most natural thing in the world concentricity persona
2:36am losoul sunbeams and the rain belong playhouse
2:43am ziggy kinder frühlingsblüher akrobatik ware
2:53am dub taylor summer rainbow (stardub's stripped down to the bone edit) raum
2:57am scsi 9 out of friend digital russian force tracks
2:59am t-polar polar conditions splatter-haus karloff
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