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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Time:11:30PM - 2:30AM
Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:30pm Dan Curtin Beatfiend Beatfiend Mobilee N
11:37pm Aspro & Reynold Chemistry Musique Basique Lebensfreude
11:43pm Daniel Meteo Grace Working First Class Meteosound N
11:55pm Move D Eastman Kunststoff Source
12:00am Clatterbox Digital Dominoes Control Freak Touchin' Bass
12:05am The Wee DJs Wheemyth Fear And Lothian Touchin' Bass
12:14am Bolz Bolz Take A Walk Take A Walk Longhaul
12:23am Esoteric Alcyone (Jake Childs Virgin Ears Remix) Alcyone Freerange
12:24am Kevin Reynolds [5] Breathing For The Breathless
12:30am Peter Benisch The Desert White (Adam Beyer Remix) Soundtrack Saga Remixes Part 2 i220
12:35am Equalized [untitled] 2 Equalized N
12:40am Niche & Neeper [a] Harvest Echo - Recollections Chair
12:45am Davor O Transitional Objects (Area Entropy Version)
12:46am Sleeparchive Track 4 Elephant Island Sleeparchive
12:47am Move D Quit Quittin Quit Quittin Uzuri
12:48am Daniel Meteo Return Of The Pure Working First Class Meteosound N
12:54am Daniel Meteo Signals Working First Class Meteosound N
12:55am Dandy Jack & The Junction SM Arabs In The Dessert Los Siete Castigos Perlon
12:59am Loco Dice Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now (Luci Gets Loco Remix by Luciano) 7 Dunham Place Remixed Desolat N
1:10am Lowfour Eau De Cologne (I Did It Your Way Edit) Muscle And Hate Defrag Sound Processing
1:15am Dan Curtin Amphibian Beatfiend Mobilee N
1:18am Reynold Persian Indigo (Stewart Walker Wish I Was There Mix) My Favorite Film, Remixed Persona
1:21am The Shocking Pinks Dressed To Please (Echospace Reduction) Dressed To Please Remixes DFA
1:25am Lowfour Black Celebrity Muscle And Hate Defrag Sound Processing
1:31am Move D & Benjamin Brunn Magnetically Levitated Train Let's Call It A Day BineMusic
1:36am Move D Jus House Quit Quittin' Uzuri
1:45am Duplex 100 featuring Giancarlo Siciliano Dshtgao This Is Crime Morris / Audio
1:50am Aardvarck Upset Find The Cow Delsin
2:00am Flying Lotus Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix) LA EP 2X3 WARP N
2:04am Autechre Cipater Chiastic Slide WARP
2:10am Autechre Rettic Ac Chiastic Slide WARP
2:15am Reynold Over There (Donato Dozzy Mix) My Favorite Film, Remixed Persona
2:20am Audision Song Of The Ocean Spectral Face Playmade
2:25am Pantha Du Prince Urlichten This Bliss Dial
2:37am Minilogue Animals (Beat Pharmacy's Into The Wild Dub Animals Remix Cocoon N
2:44am Peter Benisch Soundtrack Remake (Gadgets Remix) Soundtrack Saga (Remixes Part Two) i220
2:49am Social Material Class (Loco Dice Remix) My Favorite Things Mule Electronic
2:56am Move D Amazing Discoveries Kunststoff City Centre Offices
3:00am Michael Una Camtronik The Quiet Victory Michael Una
3:05am Big Black Steelworker Lungs Touch And Go
3:11am Equalized [untitled] 2 Equalized N
3:15am Davor O Transitional Objects (No Gravity) N
3:20am Adam Johnson Changer Demain Chigliak Sampler Merck
3:33am Kevin Reynolds Breathing For The Breathless
3:33am Algorithm Delgado (Akufen Remix) Akufen:vs:Algorithm Revolver
3:39am Atheus 1Unedit Undele Metrolux
3:43am $tinkworx Amira Coelacanth Strange Life N
3:48am Audision Miles Away Spectral Face Playmade
3:54am Koss Silent Stars (Short Version) My Favorite Things Mule Electronic
DJ Comments: thanks to mum, hexa, alex mich, tom mojo, liz for tuning in, kevin for stopping by
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