WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Friday, February 13th, 2009
Time:11:30PM - 2:30AM
Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:30pm Mirah 100 Knives You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This K
11:34pm Mokira Ode To The Ode to The Street Hassle Persona Type N
11:36pm Ben Klock featuring Elif Bicer Goodly Sin One Ostgut Ton N
11:40pm Martian Prayer Stick (Trans-electric) Prayer Stick Red Planet
11:50pm Norken Echo Ecru Soul Static Bureau Beau Monde
12:01am Luciano Hijos Del Kaos Tsunami Relief Tsunami Relief
12:08am XDB Mystic Vibrations Jackintosh Metrolux
12:11am Pellarin Gundsømagle Gundsø Statler & Waldorf
12:17am Dan Bell Basic Beats Tsunami Relief Tsunami Relief
12:19am Carsten Jost Atlantis I Atlantis Dial
12:25am Stephan Bodzin Luka-Leon Liebe Ist... Herzblut
12:32am Plant43 Bronfraith Grey Sky Cracks EP Ai
12:35am Ben Klock Grip One Ostgut Ton N
12:40am Mist [b1] Like Tears In Rain Cosmic
12:46am Isomer Transition Red Giant Day 1 Future Days
12:50am Ben Klock Coney Island One Ostgut Ton N
12:55am Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Chapelle Paraiso 91.90.70 Oslo
1:12am Demon My City Midnight Funk 20000st
1:12am Dave Aju Crazy Place (Luciano «Likuid» Remix Crazy Place Circus Company
1:15am DBX Schizo Rare And Unreleased Accelerate
1:25am Melchior Productions Ltd The Phantom Different Places Perlon
1:26am Sascha Funke Mango Cookie (DJ Koze's Pink Moon Rmx) Mango Remixes BPitch Control
1:45am Marc Antona Simple Venus Simple Venus Mobilee
1:50am Exos [a2] You Can't Stop Time Statik Entertainment
1:54am Double X [b1] [untitled] Ungleich
1:54am Russ Gabriel Three Fifty One Konacno Pariter
1:55am Stephan Bodzin Fahrenheit Liebe Ist... Herzblut
1:59am Russ Gabriel Reperholung Konacno Pariter
2:11am Pawas Deep Fruit Music For Lazy People EP Night Drive Music N
2:13am Lawrence Isolee Remix Remixes For Lawrence Ladomat 2000
2:26am Christian Morgenstern The Future Is On Fire Pt. 4 The Future Is On Fire Kanzleramt
2:26am Chaton + Hopen Dreaming Surfaces Part One Dreaming Surfaces Num
2:32am Mlle Caro + Franck Garcia Dead Souls (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Remix) Dead Souls Buzzin' Fly
2:33am Etherlink P6 dl_1.01 Deeper Level N
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