Polyrock emerged out of the late-’70s scene in New York City with an impressive pedigree: Their first two albums were produced by composer Phillip Glass, who also played keyboards on the group’s releases. Today’s track, which features Glass on piano, comes off their 1980 self-titled debut album. Glass produced the record with Kurt Munkacsi, who produced many of Glass’ releases (as well as The Waitresses’ song “I Know What Boys Like”). Changing Hearts came in 1981, Polyrock’s second album with Glass, but the group disbanded after putting out the Above the Fruited Plain EP in 1982 without Glass’ involvement. Both their albums with Glass were out-of-print until 2007, when Wounded Bird put out a reissue, but it looks like those are out-of-print now as well. Check them out if you get the chance.


Polyrock - Polyrock



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