Since making it the subject of one of our DJ meetings a few weeks ago, some of us at The Rock Show have been pretty into the music of New Zealand. Peter Jefferies hails from New Plymouth, on the west coast of the country’s North Island, and, along with his brother Graeme, was a part of the post-punk group Nocturnal Projections and rock outfit This Kind of Punishment. In addition to releasing a ton of solo work, Jefferies collaborated with many artists, including Robbie Muir and Shayne Carter. “Piano (One)” comes off At Swim 2 Birds, Jefferies’ joint effort with the Glenn Moffatt Band’s Jono Lonie that was originally released in 1987 on New Zealand’s Flying Nun label. Jefferies plays the keyboard on this track while Lonie provides the guitar and strings. The whole album, which is entirely instrumental, is worth a listen (or two, or five, or ten).

Jefferies continued to release solo work up until 2001, and anther project of his, 2 Foot Flame, released two albums on Matador in the ’90s, all of which are worth listening to if you liked today’s track.



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