Ciao, Ciao / No Tornaré A Plorar Per Tu / Tu Seràs / No Has Dit Quan Serà (Concentric, 1967)

One day late, here’s a track from Rock Show DJ Denise:

Dolores Torelló, known by her stage name Lita Torelló, is a Spanish singer who was prominent in the early 1960s. After a short stay in Venezuela, Torelló returned to and gained fame in Spain, where she played some 200 performances a year. “Ciao Ciao” is a Catalan rendition of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown.” Torelló’s version was released on a 7-inch on which she remade various other foreign songs into Spanish.

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Do The John Wall (Universal Republic Records, 2010)

Happy Friday! Here’s a pick from Matt B, co-host of Handpicked’s Balance of Power. You can tune in to Balance of Power Thursdays at 9PM CST.

This is the Raleigh, North Carolina anthem for the famed basketball star John Wall. Troop 41, described as “the Southern Pharcyde,” not only revolutionized the basketball rap tie-in, but also introduced the world to the highly addictive “Do the Shizz” dance, exhibited in their music video


By Your Side (Ed Banger Records, 2012)

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we’re thankful for this funky track from Freeform DJ Ryan:

Born in 1981, Frenchman Thibaut Berland, better known as Breakbot, has been fusing the modernity of EDM and house music with the familiar grooves of funk and disco. This 2010 single was a summer hit in his native country, and features one of the most unique music videos in recent memory, consisting of over 2,000 handpainted watercolors in the flipbook style of animation. Breakbot’s decidedly retro flair has caught the attention of current popular artists as well. In fact, Bruno Mars openly cited “Baby I’m Yours” as the inspiration for his single “Treasure,” which received enormous amounts of airplay this summer.