Warm (Gem, 2013)

Happy hump day! Get down with this track from Streetbeat DJ Jamez Bluntz:

An interesting track off Dutch techno producer Egbert’s new LP, Warm. This track fuses progressive-house inspired melodic elements with techno-inspired rhythmic elements, but it’s not just an intellectual exercise. Egbert keeps it cohesive and groovy, a testament to his production chops. Hemelpoort is (unsurprisingly) all warm vibes, but fans should check out Naar De Ruimte En Terug, the next track on the album, for a more melancholic take on the same concept.

[Gem Records]

Bossa Cubana (World Circuit/Nonesuch Records, 1999)

Today’s track was picked by Continental Drift DJ Claire.

Hailing from Cuba, Los Zafiros (The Sapphires) were a close-harmony vocal group that was part of the filĂ­n movement that combined American doo-wop with Cuban genres like bolero and bossa nova. Their album Bossa Cubana was re-released in 1999, and their track “He Venido” was featured on the show Breaking Bad.

[Website for the Documentary Music From the Edge of Time]

Girls, Girls, Girls EP (Self-released, 2013)

Happy Friday WNUR fans! Here’s a fun track to take you into the weekend, courtesy of Phat Beats DJ Pat.

Show You Suck is a Chicago rapper with a growing local fanbase who just released his first for-sale album, DudeBro. He’s got a ton of free projects up online. He’s known for fun raps about unorthodox rap subjects (eg nachos. He also has a song called “80s Boobs”).