Girls, Girls, Girls EP (Self-released, 2013)

Happy Friday WNUR fans! Here’s a fun track to take you into the weekend, courtesy of Phat Beats DJ Pat.

Show You Suck is a Chicago rapper with a growing local fanbase who just released his first for-sale album, DudeBro. He’s got a ton of free projects up online. He’s known for fun raps about unorthodox rap subjects (eg nachos. He also has a song called “80s Boobs”).


Ciao, Ciao / No Tornaré A Plorar Per Tu / Tu Seràs / No Has Dit Quan Serà (Concentric, 1967)

One day late, here’s a track from Rock Show DJ Denise:

Dolores Torelló, known by her stage name Lita Torelló, is a Spanish singer who was prominent in the early 1960s. After a short stay in Venezuela, Torelló returned to and gained fame in Spain, where she played some 200 performances a year. “Ciao Ciao” is a Catalan rendition of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown.” Torelló’s version was released on a 7-inch on which she remade various other foreign songs into Spanish.

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