I’ve Lived the Life b/w Nothing I’d Rather Be 7″ (Forte Records, 1975)

Today’s track was picked by Freeform DJ Isaac. Let it warm you up inside.

A Kansas City native, Marva W. Taylor (formerly Marva Whitney) opened for many soul and funk groups passing through the Midwest, and in the process, turned down offers to tour with both Little Richard and Bobby Bland before agreeing to become a featured vocalist with the James Brown Revue. On this track, Taylor lays down just a flat-out tasty, smooth, gliding description of her love for her man. Hot damn is it powerful!

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Warm (Gem, 2013)

Happy hump day! Get down with this track from Streetbeat DJ Jamez Bluntz:

An interesting track off Dutch techno producer Egbert’s new LP, Warm. This track fuses progressive-house inspired melodic elements with techno-inspired rhythmic elements, but it’s not just an intellectual exercise. Egbert keeps it cohesive and groovy, a testament to his production chops. Hemelpoort is (unsurprisingly) all warm vibes, but fans should check out Naar De Ruimte En Terug, the next track on the album, for a more melancholic take on the same concept.

[Gem Records]

Bossa Cubana (World Circuit/Nonesuch Records, 1999)

Today’s track was picked by Continental Drift DJ Claire.

Hailing from Cuba, Los Zafiros (The Sapphires) were a close-harmony vocal group that was part of the filĂ­n movement that combined American doo-wop with Cuban genres like bolero and bossa nova. Their album Bossa Cubana was re-released in 1999, and their track “He Venido” was featured on the show Breaking Bad.

[Website for the Documentary Music From the Edge of Time]

Girls, Girls, Girls EP (Self-released, 2013)

Happy Friday WNUR fans! Here’s a fun track to take you into the weekend, courtesy of Phat Beats DJ Pat.

Show You Suck is a Chicago rapper with a growing local fanbase who just released his first for-sale album, DudeBro. He’s got a ton of free projects up online. He’s known for fun raps about unorthodox rap subjects (eg nachos. He also has a song called “80s Boobs”).