Hey, guys. Quick PSA before we get to the Track of the Day. Winter break at Northwestern is coming up, and WNUR’s looking for Chicago-area listeners willing to fill-in as community DJs over the next few weeks. Email our General Manager if interested.

Here’s a Track of the Day from Dan, rock music director at WNUR. He tells us:

The members of Ofege were high school students in Lagos, Nigeria when they recorded Try And Love, their debut record released by EMI Nigeria in 1973. “It’s Not Easy,” the first track on the album’s B-side, is an earnest and straightforward psych groove with sweet vocals that make it hard to listen to it just once. The group released one more album on EMI, 1975’s The Last Of The Origins, and two more, Higher Plane and How Do You Feel, on Polydor in the second half of that decade. Ofege’s albums have been prized by collectors, and in 2009 the Brooklyn record store Academy Annex reissued Try And Love as the first of their Academy LPs (other groups reissued include the funkier but similarly post-Hendrix The Psychedelic Aliens).

[Academy LPs]


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