I had known this song as being by the the X-Visitors (later known as the Rojas Band), before discovering that it was a cover of a track by English New Wave group New Musik. This version of the song is an edit taken from the 1981 single. The track would later appear on their 1982 album Warp.

New Musik was officially formed in 1978, but Clive Gates and de-facto frontman Tony Mansfield first met and started making music in 1972, under the name Reeman Zeegus. Mansfield is perhaps best known as a producer—his work during the ’80s included bands such as A-Ha, The B-52s, Aztec Camera, Yukihiro Takahashi (of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame), Captain Sensible (of The Damned), and Naked Eyes, among others. He was responsible for Naked Eyes’ 1983 hit, “Always Something There To Remind Me”.

After recording Warp, Mansfield started concentrating more on production, and New Musik effectively broke up. However, Mansfield, his brother, and Rob Fisher, recording under the name “Planet Ha Ha,” produced one more post-Warp-era song with Mansfield given songwriter credit. The single, “Home,” was recorded to be in the movie E.T., but legal issues with EMI kept it from being properly released, along with an entire album’s worth of material from the same recording session.

Warp was released on Epic Records, but their first two albums, From A to B and Anywhere, were on GTO. All three are solid New Wave albums, and I definitely recommend them.



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