MX-80 Sound formed in the fertile scene of late-’70s Bloomington, IN—also home to other great bands like The Gizmos, Dancing Cigarettes, and The Panics (for those interested, I came across this public access special from the early ‘90s called “The History of Bloomington Music” that has some neat live footage from the era). The band’s first release was the 1976 EP Big Hits: Hard Pop From The Hoosiers, put out by the local label Bar B Q Records. Big Hits attracted the attention of Island Records, for whom MX-80 recorded their debut LP, Hard Attack. That album saw release in 1977, but only in Europe.

Relocation to San Francisco brought the band into contact with The Residents’ Ralph Records, who released 1980’s Out Of The Tunnel and 1981’s Crowd Control, from which today’s track is taken. MX-80 continued to record intermittently throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s—their 1996 tour album Always Leave ‘Em Wanting Less features two tracks recorded during their Airplay set here at WNUR—and their most recent release was 2005’s We’re An American Band. Just about everything is available on the website for MX-80 Sound’s label, Quadruped Media, so check them out.



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