“(He’s Our Dear Old) Weatherman” comes from Mark Wirtz’s Teenage Opera, which he began working on in 1967 but which was not released in its entirety until 1996. Wirtz began the project while working as a producer for EMI and tapped members of the band Tomorrow, including guitarist Steve Howe, along with the children’s chorus from Corona Stage School to record it. In 1967 he released one 7” of material from the opera, which nearly topped the charts in the U.K., but he was unable to convince EMI to continue financing the project and he ultimately left the label in 1969. He continued working on the project and the full soundtrack, including “Weatherman,” was released in 1996 by RPM Records as A Teenage Opera. Wirtz continues to record and produce, releasing Lost Pets 2 in 2010.



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