Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck started making music together as Lucky Dragons in 2000. Since then, they’ve put out close to twenty albums of interesting and beautiful experimental music. Today’s track, “Givers,” comes from their 2008 album Dream Island Laughing Language.

The band is known for their interactive performances, which emphasize collaboration and play among audience members. In their 2011 project “Wrong Spectrum,” audience members were given CD-Rs to hold in front of projected light, effecting changes to the sound being produced. In the ongoing project “Make A Baby,” a rug is outfitted with circuitry, connected to a computer and turned into an instrument that makes sounds based on skin contact between the performers. In one setup, audience members are given rocks to hold in front of an oscillator to change its tone.

Among the duo’s other projects are KCHUNG, a low-power AM radio station in Chinatown, L.A., the drawing collective Sumi Ink Club and the online art shop Glaciers of Nice. A great deal of Lucky Dragons’ music is available on their Bandcamp, so check it out.



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