Logic System was the musical vehicle for Japanese programmer Hideki Matsutake. Matsutake first got involved with music after hearing Walter Carlos’ Switched On Bach at the 1970 World’s Fair in Osaka. Shortly thereafter, 19-year-old Matsutake became the apprentice of Japanese music programmer Isao Tomita and performed on the Moog III-P.

Matsutake was also a frequent contributor to Yellow Magic Orchestra, doing sequencing and music programming for them for their first five studio albums. As Logic System, he released three amazing albums from 1981-1982: Logic; Venus, from which today’s track is taken; and Orient Express. Matsutake also serves as chairman to the Japan Synthesizer Programmers Association, whose goals are as follows: 1) to contribute to progressing music and the music business, and 2) to promote better recognition of synthesizer programmers and elevate their status in the music world.

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