“Africa” first saw release on Le Lu\Lu’s 1985 cassette Operating on Specific Cues. The next year, it comprised the A-side of a 12″ release by the group, as well as their side of a split 7″ with Belgian industrial group Bene Gesserit. The position of the slash in the group’s name shifted over the years; allegedly it was meant to give the group a more computerized identity by making their name look like a filename. Towards similar ends, I assume, the group included a track of computer data at the end of the “Africa” 12″. Listeners were instructed to dub the song onto a cassette, then feed the data to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer—which, when synced-up with the other track on the B-side, would give you something that looks like this. Since then, Yo Yo, one of the core members of the group, has continued to record as Timekode—but as her website says, “TIMEKODE/DENI is NOT ON FACEBOOK/MYSPACE/TWITTER, so DON`T WASTE YOUR TIME!”



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