La Flavour got its start in Ohio in the late ’60s, playing soul covers for live audiences. Today’s track comes off the group’s only album release, 1980′s Mandolay. “Mandolay” had some success in the clubs, peaking at No. 7 on the Billboard dance/disco charts, and it saw similar success on European charts. Mark Avsec, of Wild Cherry (who joined that group just after their recording of “Play That Funky Music”), wrote and produced the album; in 1983, Avsec released his own version of “Mandolay” under the Art Attack name, which doesn’t really stand up to the original. La Flavour’s second album, recorded under the name Fair Warning, was shelved before it could see release—due to label concerns that the new Van Halen album, titled Fair Warning, might cause confusion among the record-buying public. A potential single from the album, “She Don’t Know Me,” was given to up-and-comers Bon Jovi instead.

La Flavour continued to perform in clubs and showrooms through the ’80s, at one point incorporating a comedy bit with a couple of Muppet-like puppets into their act. But as the group entered the ’90s, work started to dry up. The band’s website notes: “While most didn’t find it offensive hearing comedy delivered by two cute puppets in the ’80s, the 1990′s brought on a whole different attitude toward ‘political correctness’.” Despite lineup changes and retirements, the (now-puppetless) La Flavour continues to play gigs around the Ohio area.


La Flavour - Mandolay


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