’80s R&B group Krystol started when its members (Karon Floyd, Robyrda Stinger, Tina Scott, and D’Marie Warren) were still in high school, but a chance encounter with producer Leon Sylvers III—who, in addition to successful records produced with dance artists like Shalamar and The Whispers, had played bass for popular ’70s family act The Sylvers—led the group to a record deal with Epic Records. Today’s track comes off their debut album, 1984′s Gettin’ Ready, produced by Sylvers. Krystol released four albums in all, although only two with the original lineup—Warren died in a car accident soon after the release of the group’s second album, Talk of the Town, and Floyd split with the group shortly after going on maternity leave. Later albums enlisted singer Robbie Danzie to replace Floyd, but the poor performance of 1989′s I Suggest You Don’t Let Go led Epic to drop the group.

While the group’s work today is not particularly well-known outside enthusiast circles, they’re often acknowledged as significant influences on subsequent female R&B acts like En Vogue or Exposé. Consider them well worth your time.



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