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We’re gonna keep posting psych rock until there’s nothing left to post, so luckily for us there’s a lot of it out there. Today’s Track of the Day comes to us from Indonesian psych wizards Koes Plus, as featured on the Now-Again Records compilation Those Shocking Shaking Days.

Koes Plus began as Koes Bersaudara—the Koes Brothers—amidst the political turmoil of Indonesia in the ’60s. The Indonesian government actually arrested the Koeswoyo brothers for their affiliation with the then-outlawed rock and roll culture, and the day after their release that same government was unseated by a coup d’etat. After the departure of drummer Nomo in 1969—and his subsequent replacement by a band member outside the Koeswoyo family—the band rebranded themselves as Koes Plus, beginning a nearly decade-long span of hits in Indonesia and the surrounding region.

Apart from the Now-Again comp, which comes highly recommended, the band’s stuff is mostly unavailable in the United States. They’re still fairly beloved in Indonesia, so you’ll probably be able to find at least a few of their 14 album releases through the usual second-hand sources if you’re willing to dig around a little.



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