This track comes from the 1986 album Cologne. I’ve got this on LP, which might make me the envy of a few collectors; it can go for some pretty high prices. Note the presence of Cindy (another J-Funk performer), who sings vocals in the chorus on this album.

Since there is almost no information available (in English) about Kaoru Akimoto, and I don’t wish to scrounge the liner notes for various English words that I can transcribe here, I’m going to briefly share with you one of my other favorite Japanese funk groups. Omega Tribe (also known as 1986 Omega Tribe, Brand New Omega Tribe, and various others over the years) put out some great stuff in the mid-’80s. In their early career, Kiyotaka Sugiyama sang for the group. Carlos Toshiki took over that role a few years later. The group kept making music well into the ’90s, and though I can’t guarantee that those were their shining years, everything I have heard from them from the ’80s is amazing; you’d be wise to check it out.

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