Ralph Records as a label has entered a period of inactivity. Can you explain the current state of the label?

We still use Ralph occasionally as a vehicle for new Residents products, but in essence, the original Ralph Records went by the wayside. We had two other partners in the Cryptic Corporation who left [Jay Clem and John Kennedy]—they were really more of the business minds behind Ralph Records and Tuxedo Moon and Renaldo and the Loaf and all of that stuff. Since then, the business has moved more towards licensing Residents product than actually creating and warehousing and distributing records and CDs. From that time forward, Ralph has been used in different ways—mainly a lot for the mail order business. It was Ralph for a while, and then it was EuroRalph—and those things shut down within the last ten years. Ralph has remained in there, kind of like a special marketing label. It’s more symbolic at this point than anything else.

After the 40th anniversary tour, what’s on the plate for the Residents and the Cryptic Corporation?

There are other plans, things that are being talked about, but at this point nothing is really defined enough that we’re ready to put it out there for public consumption. There are actually two or three other interesting projects that will be 40th Anniversary related—things that are being discussed, but no contracts yet—so we can’t really talk about that.

Thanks for your time, Homer!

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