Inner Tube is the project of Mark McGuire and Spencer Clark. McGuire is best-known for his work with John Elliott and Steve Hauschildt in the wonderful Emeralds, and Clark has put out a whole mess of truly weird music, mostly self-released under various names like Monopoly Child and Vodka Soap, and plays with James Ferraro in The Skaters.

The two were brought together by a mutual fascination with Australian surf music and decided to record an album inspired by it. As Clark put it, “The bliss and ecstatic power of Australian beach music has kept me in this positive mental attitude that I wanted to communicate to everyone around me.” After releasing the record on Clark’s Pacific City Sound Visions earlier this year, the two toured Australia and New Zealand in support of it. Check it out, and—as the album’s cover says—“witness the reverie of a mind filtered through tube…”



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