Today’s Track of the Day comes to us from Hedgehog, a Beijing-based rock group that’s been putting out records since 2006. “Heart On Fire” comes off their most recent, this year’s Sun Fun Gun, put out on Modern Sky. The album was an international effort, with New York-based producer John Grew enlisted to help the group realize its vision of “Sonic-Rock,” a new sound for the group incorporating elements of noise and psychedelia. Sun Fun Gun is definitely a break from the smoother sounds of the group’s previous albums, although their songwriting still evidences the group’s pop-rock roots. The group sums up the change thusly:

[A]fter they have re-considered on themselves and living environment, they send out the message of fighting, self-sarcastic and self-comfort.

So, yeah. It’s a cool album. Sun Fun Gun isn’t available domestically in its entirety, but the group’s got a few tracks from the record on their Bandcamp. If you ask me, it’s an album more people need to be listening to.

[Rock in China Wiki]


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