WNUR Sports: WNUR’s award-winning sports programming covers Northwestern football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball and national championship lacrosse. With more than 60 play-by-play broadcasts, live sideline reports, pre-game features, post-game reports and a weekly sports call-in show, WNUR Sports has tons of opportunities to get involved. Check out their website for more info.

Also: These are just some of the shows currently on WNUR’s schedule. Make sure to attend our informational meeting on October 2 for full information on the opportunities available.

And opportunities off-the-air:

WNUR.org: WNUR.org is looking for people interested in producing insightful, intelligent, Web-first content. We don’t just want to copy what other sites are doing; we want to make something new. Some of our particular needs include:

  • Writers (particularly reviews, features, and interviews)
  • Photographers (and not just concert photography)
  • Videographers (either with Airplay or on independent assignment)

No specific experience required, but creativity and revolutionary sentiment are highly encouraged.

Events: Want to be involved with WNUR’s event-planning? Every year we try to put on multiple events for both our Northwestern and Chicago communities, and we can always use more hands.

Promotions/Marketing: Be a part of the WNUR promotional machine. Whether it’s as a member of our street team, or as a part of our social media team, there are plenty of chances to help promote the station and its activities.

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