The Flamin’ Groovies formed in San Francisco in 1965 around songwriters Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan. In 1968, they self-released the Sneakers EP, on the strength of which they landed a contract with Epic. They released their debut LP Supersnazz the next year. It sold poorly, which is a shame because it’s great, and even more so because Epic dropped them. They signed to Kama Sutra and followed up Supersnazz with two even better albums, Flamingo and Teenage Head. Still, they never really made it big and in 1971 Loney left to pursue a solo career.

The band hired Chris Wilson to replace him, and moved to London to work with producer Dave Edmunds. In ‘72, when this performance (of a song Loney had helped write) was recorded for French TV, the band was probably getting material ready for their next album, 1976’s incredible Shake Some Action. Now and Jumpin’ in the Night, which came out in ’78 and ’79, are mostly forgettable, but I think everybody ought to hear Sneakers and their first four LPs.



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