Die Partei was the name under which Neue Deutsche Welle musicians Tom Dokoupil and Walter Dahn collaborated in the early ’80s. Today’s track, “Ostafrika,” is off the duo’s only album, 1981′s La Freitheit Des Geistes. Dokoupil is perhaps best known for his work with The Wirtschaftswunder, while Dahn had recorded around the same time with Die Hornissen. In 1984, Dokoupil and Dahn reunited as Slinky Gym School to produce “Crazy Sneaker” with rapper Rammellzee.

The video for today’s track, if you’re curious, seems to be taken from the 1984 film Beat Street. Obviously it’s not by choice, and I wouldn’t even usually call it out, but given the Rammellzee connection it seems apropos.



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