Death (not to be confused with the Florida metal band of the same name) is an all-black punk group from Detroit that formed in 1971. The group’s original lineup consisted of brothers Dannis, David, and Bobby Hackney, who started as an R&B band in their garage. Inspired by an Alice Cooper show, the Hackney brothers switched to a garage-influenced style of proto-punk and recorded seven songs with funding from Clive Davis and Columbia Records. After the band refused to change their name to something with more commercial appeal, Davis cut off their funding, and Death was only able to release one single, “Politicians in My Eyes” b/w “Keep on Knocking.” In 2009, Chicago’s Drag City Records released the seven-song session under the title …For The Whole World to See, and today a reformed Death continues to perform their groundbreaking punk rock.

[Drag City]



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