The great Portland, Oregon punk band Dead Moon was formed in 1987 by Fred and Toody Cole and Andrew Loomis. Twenty years earlier, Fred Cole had played in the garage band The Lollipop Shoppe, writing and singing the single “You Must Be A Witch” for which that group is best-known. After playing in several short-lived projects (most notably Zipper) during the 70s convinced Fred of the difficulty of maintaining a stable lineup, he taught Toody to play bass. Prior to forming Dead Moon, the couple released three LPs as The Rats and singles under several other names on their own Whizeagle Records imprint. With the addition of Loomis on drums, Dead Moon went on to release 14 albums between 1988 and 2004. This song first appeared on their second, 1989’s Unknown Passage. These days, Fred and Toody are playing in Pierced Arrows, having released the album Descending Shadows in 2010.



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