Chin Chin was a three-piece group from Biel, Switzerland, that first came together in 1982 around the lineup of guitarist Karin, bassist Esther, and drummer Marie-Anne. Their first release was the “We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners” 7″ in 1984, which they followed a year later with Sound of the Westway, on which today’s Track of the Day can be found. The record came out amid a broader resurgence of DIY pop, taking place particularly in the UK with what would become the C86 scene, and the group got some attention from NME journalist Everett True that they then seemed to parlay into solid touring work for a few years, most notably with C86 alums The Shop Assistants. Still, Sound of the Westway was Chin Chin’s only album release.

Sound of the Westway was out of print for quite some time after its 1985 release, but in 2010 it saw reissue through Slumberland and Mississippi Records—so you should be able to track it down on LP without too much trouble. All said, if you’re a fan of the period, it’s a record worth familiarizing yourself with.



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