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WNUR DJ Jessica Peng spoke with singer songwriter Maris Maeve, a senior student at Northwestern University. Her latest album “Inflection Point” was released in 2012, songs from which were featured in the Spring 2013 issue of NU Helicon literary magazine.

Maris Maeve

“In Choosing”

“Playing with Fire”


WNUR will be starting off the year with a free concert on the southern tip of the Northwestern University Evanston campus’ Lakefill. The show is from 6-10 pm and will feature two student DJs, Jamez Bluntz and 90s Nick, as well as Good Willsmith, a band made up of three Northwestern alums. Join us for a great night out on the lake with some great music!

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Greetings, folks. A few updates on what’s going on this week and beyond at

  1. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been adding some more blog functionality to the site, and we’re continuing to do so.  Some of this stuff might cause some initial problems with the stylesheet, so please bear with us if you encounter any technical difficulties.  This leads into my second point, which is…
  2. Starting Monday, we’re gonna start running a Track of the Day feature on the site.  Those of you who follow us on Twitter will be familiar with the work we’ve done on this so far, but hopefully by moving it to the site we’ll be able to give our readers more context and depth on the things we present.  Stay tuned for that.  We’ve got a lot more stuff like that on the horizon.
  3. And finally, we’ve got the first installment of what Dan, WNUR’s rock music director, is calling “Oscillations” on Mixcloud, embedded at the top of the post.  It’s got all kinds of crazy, fun ’80s synth music on display, so check it out.  As always, if there’s something you want to see us do more of on Mixcloud, let us know.

Thanks for sticking with us, guys. We’re just getting started. Stay tuned.

––Sam Daub, editor