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Renegade Lights (Renegade Lights, 2011)

Happy hump day! Get your lovely lady lumps shaking with this track from Streetbeat veteran, m50:

Heavy, breaks-influenced dubstep sounds from one of Party Time Society‘s core members. Jeekoos has a distinctive production style, always a precise, dark, urban feel. This track was released as part of a 2×12″ compilation on the small American Renegade Lights imprint.

[Renegade Lights]

Reine de Coeur (Cheval de Feu, 2008)

Today’s track comes from Haitian singer Emeline Michel, courtesy of Continental Drift DJ Julia K. Check it out!

Recorded in Haiti, New York, Montreal and Burkina Faso, Reine de Couer is a solid album with a bunch of good, jazzy numbers. (Peep the video for some good shots of Emeline dancing!)


NEU! 2 (Brain Records, 1973)

Today’s Krautrock gem comes from Maddie on Rock Show. Here’s Maddie’s take on her pick:

Formed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk, Neu! is considered one of the founding bands of Krautrock, experimental German rock from the 1970s. “Neuschnee” embodies many of the distinguishing elements of Krautrock: psychedelic, repetitive, steady, guitar driven, but slowly building, giving it a driving yet gentle sound by comparison with rock contemporaries in other countries at the time. The lack of lyrics in this track force one to appreciate the instrumentals, which define the song as Krautrock. Krautrock, and Neu! in particular, influenced many rock and electronic artists in years to come. Other notable Krautrock bands include Can, Faust, Cluster, Amon Düül, Amon Düül II, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Harmonia (featuring members of Neu! and Cluster), and Ash Ra Tempel, among others.

[Brain Records on Discogs]

Inspiration Information (Luaka Bop, 2001)

We round out our week with a track from Chicago noise legend Dan Burke (Illusion of Safety). We are lucky to have him hosting The Voice of Reason during the Rock Show on Mondays from 2-6:30PM central time. Here’s what Dan says about his pick:

Short but VERY sweet. The last few seconds always reminds me of Microstoria! Underappreciated pop record from 1974 finally got a re-release (in 2001).

[Luaka Bop]