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PHONEATHON 2015: February 27 – March 6!

PHONE #: 847-491-3655

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What’s up listeners! Thanks for tuning in and turning up with us here at WNUR 89.3 FM. 2014 was an excellent year for us, with loads of local artists coming through to the studio and more and more dj’s joining the station to bring you quality programming. All of our equipment and special events are thanks to your listener supported donations, and we hope to continue that tradition of independent radio with this years PHONEATHON 2015! This year we’re aiming for $35,000 and I have no doubt that we’ll be able to go above and beyond that with the help of out loyal listeners.
Keep Chicago’s Sound Experiment alive! Donate to Phoneathon!

new WNUR merchandise available to donors!

<!– If you wish to donate over the phone, call (847) 491-3655 during your favorite show, and one of our operators will direct you through the process. You can also donate online, using Northwestern University’s secure donation system (linked below). –!>

IF DONATING ONLINE: Don’t forget to specify the premium (or premiums, if applicable) you’d like to receive in the comments section of the donation form.

Also: Northwestern University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. To maximize the tax deductible portion of your gift, you may decline to receive any benefits when you make your gift to Northwestern. If you choose to accept your benefits, we are required to inform you your charitable contribution will be reduced by the value of those benefits. Please consult your tax advisor for further clarification.


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Everyone here at WNUR wants to extend a big big thanks to all of our listeners, especially those who were able to contribute during the 2014 Phoneathon fundraiser that we’ve just wrapped up. It’s a time of year when we’re able to speak with listeners worldwide and offer them premiums our friends are nice enough to provide. It’d be impossible to make an exhaustive list but I know just this year Atavistic, Delmark, Southport, Merge, and the Secretly Label Group all provided premiums for us to offer donors.  It’s tedious for us to solicit donations while on-air, but the whole Phoneathon project brings the station together like no other event, and besides it is absolutely necessary given our budget constraints.

It’s unclear as of now whether or not we hit our goal of $30,000 because online donations still need to process but we’re going to be close. So once again, thanks for keeping Chicago’s Sound Experiment alive, and cheers to another great year!

Of course you can always donate to WNUR here:

We just won’t bring it up on-air until next year.

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PHONEATHON 2014: February 21st – 28th!
Every winter WNUR conducts its annual Phoneathon, the only time of the year we ask listeners for their financial support. As an independent, commercial-free station this fundraiser is how we survive! We have plenty of new and exciting premiums to offer donors, from concert tickets to signed posters to CDs and records.

Update: Premiums!

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 and we can only do that with your help! A successful Phoneathon lets us keep our programming ad-free, bring world-renowned musicians (Cave, SoSaLa, and Expo 70 just in 2013) to the Chicagoland area, and host shows at venues as prestigious as Chicago’s Smart Bar.
Keep tuned to Chicago’s Sound Experiment for more info and check back for the new premiums list on Friday!

WNUR Listeners!

2013 Phoneathon t-shirt

Our 2013 Phoneathon phone-drive fundraiser is officially over, but it’s not too late to donate! If you were planning to donate this past week but didn’t get the opportunity, you still have a chance to support independent radio! We’re extending our online donation system through this Sunday, February 17th at midnight.

That means you still have a chance to show your support for your favourite WNUR programming. And we still have a few of our awesome 2013 WNUR t-shirts available! They were designed by Julia, our awesome creative director, and they’re printed on American-made American Apparel T-shirts. Every donation of $35 or more can get a shirt, just be sure to make note what size you would like in the comments section of the donation page (part of “Step 2″). Donate here! No donation is too small to help.

As a non-commercial, all volunteer-run station, it is solely through listener support that WNUR has the resources to continue to expand as a station. For 63 years, WNUR has been dedicated to giving a voice to under-represented talent and artists. In the last year alone, we’ve used money raised through past Phoneathons to acquire professional-quality recording equipment for live performances, put on several shows in the Chicago area, and redesigned our website.

We’re doing more and more at the station, and it’s because of Phoneathon and the support of our listeners.

Thanks for your continued support,

Ryan Lafferty,
WNUR DJ/Phoneathon Director

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(Link redirects to Northwestern University’s secure online donation system.)

(Editor’s Note (2/17): Even though this year’s Phoneathon is over, we’re gonna leave this letter up for a day or two, since we think it’s really important.)

WNUR Community,

This week, February 7 – 14, we here at WNUR are having our annual Phoneathon fundraiser. As a noncommercial, independent, volunteer- and student-run radio station, we rely solely on listener support. With your donation, we can ensure that WNUR has the resources to continue the mission it established 63 years ago: to give voice to underrepresented artists and talents. In the last year, we have used funds from Phoneathon to put on two concerts in the Chicagoland area, launch an entirely new website with original content and an extensive archive of recorded programs, and purchase cameras to record our live Airplay sets.

As our entire operating budget consists of money earned through Phoneathon, your donation ensures that WNUR will not just survive, but continue to expand.

We have an exciting list of premiums as gifts for your donation, including CDs, LPs, and our newly designed 2013 WNUR T-shirt, printed on American Apparel shirts.

You can donate right here from our Web site, or call (847) 491-3655 (UPDATE 2/15: Don’t call the phone number).

We sincerely appreciate every donation. Support local radio!

~Ryan Lafferty
WNUR DJ and Phoneathon Director