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Torn From The Bible - UK Punk Edition

In this installment of our (semi-)regular Torn From The Bible feature, I pulled a few pages related to the early days of the UK Punk scene. Those for your reading pleasure after the break, plus a couple of DJ training sheets.


Photos by Sam Daub

No Time Left to Start Again/The B and D of R ’n’ R is the name of conceptual artist Allen Ruppersberg’s newest piece, now on display at the Art Institute’s Modern Wing through January 6 of next year. It’s assembled from decades of rock ‘n’ roll ephemera, purchased at flea markets and garage sales: amateur photos, clipped-out newspaper obituaries, and images of old records. The artifacts are then photocopied, laminated, and hung on peg-boards.


In case the huge box on the main page didn’t clue you in, this week is WNUR’s big recruitment push for fall quarter. The WNUR fall recruitment meeting is TONIGHT (October 2) IN ANNIE MAY SWIFT AUDITORIUM AT 8 PM.

With that in mind, I wanted to pull some pages pertaining to what The Rock Show is all about—next week, we’re really going to start digging in, so be ready.

To anyone out there who thinks this sounds even remotely cool, come check out the meeting. We’re all charming people, and we want to help you get involved with the cool stuff we do here. (Also, disregard any dates you read in these; obviously some of these are years old by now.)


Among those who have come and gone through WNUR’s The Rock Show, I don’t know if there’s anything as memorable as the Rock Bible; over more than twenty years, the Rock Show staff has compiled a seriously exhaustive compendium of independent, alternative, and experimental music. The pages of the Rock Bible serve as the basis for The Rock Show’s DJ training meetings, and many of them have never been released to the public.

For the first time, we’re opening the Rock Bible up to the world; every week, we’re going to take you through some of the book’s highlights. Some of these will be great primers on musical genres or styles, some of them will have awesome designs, and some we’re not totally sure what they were doing in the book in the first place. After the jump, see for yourself what the first week of Torn From The Bible has to bring: